Seattle Seahawks will not sell NFC Championship tickets to 49ers fans

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Century Link Field in Seattle

Century Link Field (Credit:

DENVER – The San Francisco 49ers are heading to the Seattle Seahawks’ CenturyLink Field on Jan. 19, but the home team is doing everything it can to keep Niners fans out.

The Seahawks organization announced late last week that it will not sell NFC Championship game tickets to California residents, CBS Local reported. The move will likely help preserve Seattle’s infamous “12th Man” home field advantage, but is rankling more than a few fans.

NFC Championship tickets go on sale Monday.

The Seahawks ticket page offers no explanation of the ban, simply stating, “Tickets will be available to fans with a billing address in WA, OR, MT, ID, AK, HI and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.”

This means any California residents attempting to buy tickets will have to use secondary (more expensive) ticketing sites such as Stub Hub or the NFL Ticket Exchange.

The policy would also have blocked Carolina Panthers fans from buying tickets to the game, had Carolina beaten the 49ers on Sunday to advance to the NFC Championship.

Following Sunday’s win over the San Diego Chargers, the Denver Broncos confirmed a similar policy for next week’s game against New England.



  • steve

    That’s a pretty dick move Seattle. What about your fans in CA? Why should they be your fans after this? I certainly hope the NFL does something about this. After all, it does affect them negatively. Calling unsportsman like conduct on Seattle.

  • Greg McCarter

    the news makes it sound like Seattle is trying to bar 49’s fans, but then they report this about the Broncos as if its a nothing thing.

    Tickets were only to those with a valid billing address in the Rocky Mountain region, including Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota and Western Kansas.

  • Pat Charles

    so wrong. if you have the money and tickets are available you should be able to purchase them. no matter where you live. My state doesn’t determine the team or teams that I like.


    What would the NFL think of it? IT IS THEIR POLICY. Gosh people. DO your research. It’s called home field advantage. Sheesh Just another thing to whine about.

  • Really?

    the headline “seattle seahawks will not sell NFC championship tickets to 49ers fans” is completely misleading as there are thousands and thousands of 49er fans that live in oregon, washington, idaho, alaska etc. who are more than welcome to buy a ticket to the game. also, the notion that opening the last few remaining tickets for sale to people outside the northwest region (i.e.: california) would, in any way, diminish the seahawks’ home field advantage is absurd. restricting sales like this is relatively common practice for high demand tickets to a region-specific event. this is not a story.

  • Mickey Cook

    Kind of the way it works… right or wrong. But that’s ok, as Californians can just sit at home and watch the Seahawks lose on the television.

  • Justin

    They do this every year not a big deal all teams who make it to the nfc or afc that have home field advantage only sell to a select few states it keep fans from other states from buy the local fans tickets and allow the locals that go all year round to keep the same enviroment. Its good for football…

  • No niners fan here

    Teams have done this for years.. The niner players and fans have a terrible reputation for playing and being nasty…I would not want them at my home stadium anyway….

  • Puck

    Homefield advantage simply means the game will be held in the home teams respective field. NOT “freedom to be as unsportsmanlike and classless as possible”. The Seahawks organization exercise a slur of unethical tactics that are used to create an OFF FIELD advantage. This is pathetic at best.

    At some point it exceeds “normal” and becomes cheap. You specifically build a stadium to BOOST crowd noise. Ok we can allow that to slide. Now you exercise the right to discriminate against Californians or any state you think may have their fans just to keep their supporters away?

    To top it off you rid the entire area of any thing about the 49ers within 30 miles of the city, only after you were allowed to pay a have a “Go Hawks” sign right over Candlestick with little to no complaints. Where is the sportsmanship in that?

    This shows how desperate and pathetic the Seahawks organization and some of their fans are.

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