Man charged with driving while stoned after hitting CSP vehicles

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Keith Kilbey

Keith Kilbey

DENVER — A pair of Colorado State Patrol vehicles were struck by a Chevrolet truck Saturday night, prompting officers to arrest the driver for DUI.

Keith Kilbey, 23, was charged with driving under the influence after his Chevrolet truck collided with a CSP Crown Victoria parked on the ramp to I-76 from northbound I-25, CSP said. The accident, which occurred about 9 p.m., caused the Crown Victoria to slam into a nearby CSP Dodge Charger.

Police suspect the man was under the influence of marijuana, the Denver Post reported. It was not clear if he had actually undergone any sort of drug testing.

The CSP vehicles were parked in the left lane with their emergency lights flashing, CSP said.

No one was injured in the crash.



  • Shauna Stenzel

    Good Gawd! Let’s add up how many alcohol related DUI’s/arrests/fights there have been since 1/01/14 against how many MJ DUI’s/arrests/fights…. this would be the first and I bet there was alcohol in his system too. As for alcohol related offenses, to numerous to list!

  • Yushud Givaschitt

    “Police suspect the man was under the influence of marijuana, the Denver Post reported. It was not clear if he had actually undergone any sort of drug testing.”
    I get DUI’s all the time without a field sobriety test….

  • Steven

    Yep, another Myth Busted that pot smokers drive better than drunks. Bad enough we have many pot smokers on welfare cause of their choice, now this?!?!

  • Eva

    Just because some of you want to be stoned, does not mean that is the right thing to do. Get stoned for yourself, but don’t affect me, my family, my friends and my colleagues…

  • Jay

    Some of these comments crack me up. Whether marijuana is legal or not, there will be people who drive under the influence. Alcohol related DUI’s happen everyday, but now every marijuana related DUI will be headline news. And for all you hypocrites who drink alcohol but call marijuana users pot heads…what exactly is the difference? They are both mind altering substances, alcohol is just more acceptable. I can honestly say I have never blacked out from marijuana and never gotten high and beat my wife or kids. You keep the booze, I’ll keep my weed, Thanks.

  • Steven

    @Tommy: I am guessing the First Amendment doesn’t apply to Eva then and hence can’t express an opinion on pot smokers irresponsible behavior?!?! Go get a job and off welfare already.

  • Steven

    @Harold: And what relevance does your question “Steven, what’s your stance on education?” have on the subject?:

  • Steven

    @Yushud: “I get DUI’s all the time without a field sobriety test….” I am not surprised by your statement and hope to God you don’t kill someone while smoking your pot all day driving in your car. Remember children can’t live their life if pot smokers like you kill them.

  • Carol B

    I bet there was alcohol involved also and the police won’t disclose that info. Majority voted any Polly’s out there are more than welcome to move we want you to be happy also. PEACE!

  • Debra Heupel

    Amazing that there is such violence in the messages above! I am a native Aspen area adult from the late 60-70’s! There were drugs and more drugs! We went to friends homes and their parents were getting high, no biggie, right? Yes, their have been thousands of DUI arrests for MJ throughout time, it is the media bringing this into the spotlight, but really…anger and immature behavior from those of you that are users or believe pot and alcohol are ok to use, abuse and drive or push your beliefs on others! I apologize, but you really do sound childish! It is ok to speak your opinion, but at least be adults! Some like it some do not! My opinion: do not drink/smoke and drive! Do NOT allow your children to observe either! You are their teacher, their leader, their young life!

  • The TRUTH

    Goodbye Polly, go back to Chicago where you belong.

    Where’s the proof? The headline is Misleading.

    Never heard of ANYONE being TOO High to drive.

  • Test

    No one wonders if the guys who left their cars in the middle of a highway interchange ramp had adequately marked the obstruction they caused?

    If you’re going to park your car in the middle of a traffic lane you may need to set out flares or cones. Otherwise it’s called reckless endangerment.

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