GRAPHIC VIDEO: Denver Broncos fan beaten at Chargers rally

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SAN DIEGO — Several disturbing videos surfaced Sunday night that seem to depict a Denver Broncos fan being beaten by multiple San Diego Chargers fans during an event outside San Diego.

The videos, posted to YouTube and initially reported by Deadspin, were reportedly shot at a Chargers rally in National City, Calif. Amid a rowdy crowd, a man in a Peyton Manning jersey is taken to the ground and pummeled by as many as three attackers who seem to be Chargers fans.

Police officers eventually descend on the crowd to break up the melee. Several people were arrested, according to local media.

Full details of the incident were not yet available, and it was not clear if the fight was consensual or an unprovoked attack.Β In one video, the victim appears to enter the fight willingly. In another, it is less clear.

WARNING: These videos may not be appropriate for all viewers.



  • Jerry Castillo

    I don’t even know what to say, it’s getting out of hand, there was a stabbing at Sports Authority at Mile High a couple weeks ago that had nothing to do with the game. I think someone was breaking into a car and got caught by the owner. There are people that just have to ruin it for everybody and are just out there to cause trouble. It’s just a game people and I think alcohol has a lot to do with the fighting. Maybe they should ban alcohol and the venders that sell it for $6.50 a bottle of beer and 10 bucks for a drink will be crying in their soup!!! Also people drink to much and can’t handle it and act like fools.

  • Kyle Mayhew

    Wow….. stay classy San Diego! And the NFL wonders why people rather watch the games at their own house

  • shelly franco

    What is wrong with people the charger fans were pissed off because the broncos beat them get over it dummies!!

  • shelly franco

    I totaly agree with jerry idiots cant handle alchol its a cryin shame we have with idiots like this alchol should be baned ever where because its killing america and inocent people everwhere its got to stop!!!

  • shelly franco

    Thats why i dont go to bronco games its not safe to many idiots on the streets as it is i stay home broncos fans have a right to cheer for their team but to get beaten over it not right he took a beatin for all of the broncos fans to me hes my hero im a broncos fan all the way go broncos!!!

  • Alex

    This was in National City on Highland Ave. Charger fans gather to celebrate a win or the end of the playoffs. I am honestly ashamed of the incident because no matter what, violance is never an answer. (This is why we have sports, friendly compitition) The guy provoking people at a rival team rally is foolish and to taunt people.

  • Rob

    Looks more like a riot crowd than a celebration… Either way all the more reason to conceal carry. Never know when someone might not like your shirt lol…

  • josephtrishcastro

    I’d like to buy that Bronco Fan a BEER!!! It’s a good thing that the cops showed up because this guy was about to give those Chargers fan the same beat down the Broncos gave the Chargers yesterday!!! Stay Classy San Diego….and stay home!!!!! LOL!!!!

  • javi

    I hate donkee fans but jumping him is stupid. Ghetto chargers fans. Makes us raider fans look good..raider nation baby. Later haters

  • Jim

    Reminds me of what happens to Giants fans when they show up at Lincoln Financial field for an Eagles game. We actually have a judge on duty in a courtroom built into the stadium to arraign people on the spot for fighting. Beat that, every other team in the NFL. Hahaha.

  • rozmry

    The denver radio stations LOVE to TALK SMACK about OTHER teams constantly on their stations egging them on and when they get a beat down… Then they talk about how we should respect each others team _ I think they should give away free fighting lessons with their jerseys cause they ALWAYS get beat up!!!!! & you NEVER see another bronco fan helping out just watching or running

  • Broncos SUCK

    Smoke another on air heads, Only a stupid person would go to another teams rally and talk smack them get a beat down then cry about it !!!!

  • chargers

    bronco fans should not even be on here first of all u had all charger fans celebrating our team win or loose didnt matter and guess what a idiot with bronco jersey talking smack is a dumb asss and go chargers win or loose

  • chargers


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