Poll: Colorado is Broncos country, except for 1 remote county

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DENVER -- A poll on Facebook found that the state of Colorado is definitely Broncos country.

Or almost the whole state. All except one tiny remote county in the southwestern corner of the state.

It turns out tiny Hinsdale County is enemy territory. Hinsdale County likes the Dallas Cowboys better than the Broncos.

Kent Erdahl visited Hinsdale County to find out what's up with the results of that poll. The full story is revealed in his video report.



  • Mary

    Despite what the press shoves down our throats, not everybody in Colorado is a mindless, drooling Broncos fan. Sorry, but this fact had to be exposed. I will probably be hunted down and murdered and there will be a phony police investigation.

  • Marily Wright Plise

    I was born and raised in Lake City, Co and am Lake City proud. Left in the 60’s but go back every year. I now live in L.V., NV … still a strong Bronco fan and always will be. It was great to see Grant Houston representing the facts … there is nobody who knows the history of of Hinsdale County better. Proud to know him. GO BRONCOS!!!!

  • Steve Priest

    We are from Louisiana 42 years ago and live in Lake City. I remember my cousin Keith and I going to the celebrations in downtown Denver when Elway and the Broncos (orange crush defense) won their 2 Super Bowls. Live in Lake City and support the Broncos along with most of the year-rounders but have to support the Saints also. Now a Louisiana native, Manning, is the QB for the Broncs, Go Broncos.

  • Debra

    Didn’t see a lot of Cowboy fans but saw a lot of Bronco fans. I’m with you Marily and it was good to see Grant representing the facts.

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