Pedestrian killed in Colorado Blvd hit-and-run

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DENVER – Denver Police investigate their first deadly hit-and-run accident this year.

A woman died crossing the street at S. Colorado Blvd. and E. Exposition Ave.

Witnesses say the 40-year-old woman was in the crosswalk -- moving east to west, on Exposition -- but she never made it across.

They say an older white car turning right onto S. Colorado from Exposition hit her, then reportedly drove over her and took off — leaving her to die in the street.

“I saw real big pool of blood and a pile of clothes,” says Christy Aguniga, who works on the 12th floor of the building overlooking the deadly intersection.

Her hoodie, scarf and purse lay near her shredded newspaper in the middle of the street.

But the driver who hit her was nowhere to be found.

“It’s insane. It’s insane,” says Aguniga, about the driver leaving the victim.

One witness said she saw a light-colored car drive over what she thought was a black trash bag, only to later learn it was a person.

Crime Stoppers tweeted the suspect’s vehicle as a white sedan with Colorado license plate 085-DXX with minor to moderate damage on the front of the vehicle.

They then tweeted the vehicle as a 1958 White Chevy 4-door.

Police later found the car and its elderly driver—but they haven’t made an arrest.

“This intersection is notorious for being very crowded. Traffic on Colorado Boulevard--people don’t stop,” says neighbor Iris Foster.

She also says sun glare from the big "glass" building on the east side of the street can make it hard to see pedestrians in the well-traveled crosswalk. She says people often make their way to restaurants and shops across the street.

“Most people don’t look at the people walking in the crosswalk when they’re turning,” says Aguniga.

So, she says she’s ultra-cautious crossing Colorado each day to catch her bus home--because she knows flesh and blood are no match for iron and steel.

Also, Denver Police found themselves investigating another hit-and-run accident that injured a motorcyclist on Colorado Boulevard and Bruce Randolph.

Last year, Denver had four fatal hit-and-run accidents that killed five people. There were 13 in 2012.



  • SloCatch

    If all these illegals can drive without insurance than why shouldn’t I? Effects from shoddy politics years ago.

  • Cassandra Metcalf

    Driving on Colorado Blvd is a challenge on the best day. People walk across texting with oncoming traffic headed at them. No excuse for this person to cut and run. Yes, politics in this state have left many less safe and we pay the bills.

  • lenodnacse

    SloCatch, maybe you didn’t read that the suspect is described as an older white male….. doesn’t sound like an “illegal” person to me.

  • SloCatch

    I did read that and my response was directed at that fact. Since we have been lowered to 3rd world standards many have lowered themselves that once were above all this. Sorry that I was not as clear as I could have been.

  • CO_Native

    Tragic, yes. People are idiots, go back to Texas and California. Grow a pair and fess up to your actions. The amount of idiots, daily, around this general location of CO blvd discuss me.

  • Eva Wills

    The same elderly driver hit my car a few years back. I had to take him to court since he was uninsured. I recall telling the Judge he would kill someone some day and urged his family to revoke his license and take his keys. He would schedule the RTD handicap bus to pick him up everyday but after they would drop him off he would get in his car and drive the neighborhood like a maniac. So sad and incredibly senseless.

  • sammie

    Have they released her name yet? Does anyone care about the beautiful human being the beautiful angel that was taken from us too soon because of a careless driver? Maybe if he wouldve stopped and got help she would still be here ='(

  • JohnR

    Why do people post comments irrelevant to this story? If you are disgruntled about something, seek counseling, pick up a hobby or move away. The issue here is a an extremely dangerous group that needs to be taken off the street and licenses revoked: elderly drivers.

  • SloCatch

    I thought it was about hit and runs since it mentioned more than one. Why do you think the reason for multiple hit and runs on a daily basis occur? I think it is because we have lowered ourselves or should I say our Leadership has lowered our standards to that of the 3rd world. No insurance, no stop, no help.

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