Denver Police investigate if downtown attacks are related to ‘knock out game’

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DENVER -- Denver's Police chief says his department is looking into whether a series of random attacks in downtown Denver recently may be linked to the so-called "knock out game."

The violent game involves a group of people approaching an unsuspecting stranger. Someone then tries to knock that stranger out with a single blow.

Four people were assaulted in lower downtown during New Year's. Many people are concerned the knock out game has arrived in Denver.

Denver Police Chief Robert White says investigators are working to figure that out. He also says LoDo is safe. "You have people being over-served [alcohol]. You have a tremendous number of people that are leaving at two in the morning, many of them intoxicated. You have individuals who know that who will prey on those individuals."

White says LoDo represents a major challenge for police, with the large crowds leaving bars when they close.

Police are working with business owners to find ways to get people out quickly and safely after last call.

The police department says crime is down significantly in lower downtown compared with 2012. See statistics here.



  • jim


  • NN

    These comments are racist and ridiculous. I have never seen such ignorance. It is not a hate crime, it is a stupid game the kids play. People of all backgrounds get attacked by it. And kids of all backgrounds play it. Get your facts straight.

  • Chee

    Gimmie a freakin break, The Park Hill Bloods don’t play games, they beat down to show tough street cred. Chief White needs to be replaced by Reverand Leon Kelly. and a C.R.A.S.H. ’92 Rampart L.A. Division gang unit.

  • Fast45

    NN … must be some code for “No-mind Negro” …

    Yes, the perps are Negro. Yes, the victims are almost all white. Your post is highest amongst the “racist, ridiculous, ignorant, stupid” comments you allude to. Attacking people is not a game, in spite of what the media claims. The facts are straight … you probably aren’t.

    When your homeys attack the wrong person, and several of them are found dead at the scene, identification of the bodies will tell us about the race issue.

  • Gov. Lickenpooper

    Justice Department filed a Hate Crime charge against a white kid who committed a crime against black in Houston Texas, yet zero hate crime charges against any black kids who were caught on tape doing this to whites.

  • Michelle

    the kid is texas was charged because like a retarded idiot recorded himself saying that he was deliberatley going to attack a person because of his color I do not condone in this stupid idiotic game but I also believe that some of the rascist comments on this site should be kept to yourselves becuase all of the serious and life threatening crimes are committed by caucasions(James Holmes,Boston Bombers,Austin Siggs, the 20 poor little children,etc. No need to go on) Just keep race out of this and call the people playing the games what they are idiots and cowards

  • NN

    Thank you Michelle… I agree with you 100%.

    And Fast 45- I am caucasian (if that is any of your business). The attack is called the knock out game… Clearly an attack is not a game, but that is what it is called. Absolutely ridiculous……..

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