Private poll shows Hickenlooper’s approval rating on the rise

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Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper celebrates after a ribbon cutting ceremony in November to re-open Highway 7 between Lyons and Allenspark.

DENVER — Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper undoubtedly had a tough political year in 2013, but a new poll indicates that he might be heading into 2014 on an upswing.

The private poll from Hill Research Consultants, obtained by FOX31 Denver Wednesday, shows Hickenlooper with a 54 percent approval rating.

In that survey of 601 active Colorado voters conducted in early December, 35 percent of those polled said they disapprove of Hickenlooper while 11 percent had no opinion.

Hickenlooper, a Democrat facing reelection in November, will give his fourth annual State of the State address at the Capitol on Thursday.

Pollster David Hill, whose firm does private polls mostly for Republican candidates, business organizations and state and local governments across the country, wouldn’t say what organization commissioned the Hickenlooper survey when contacted by FOX31 Denver Wednesday afternoon.

A second survey question asked voters about the direction of things in their part of Colorado.

Fifty percent of the respondents said things are going in the right direction, while 40 percent said the state is on the wrong track.

The Hill survey is a sign that Hickenlooper may have improved his standing with voters by the state’s handling of the recovery and rebuilding effort in the aftermath of last fall’s devastating floods.

In mid-October, just before Hickenlooper announced the reopening of the final of 34 state highways closed due to flood damage, a Quinnipiac University poll showed that 49 percent of Coloradans thought Hickenlooper didn’t deserve a second term, compared to 42 percent that did.

Nevertheless, Hickenlooper still led all four of his potential GOP challengers in prospective head-to-head match-ups in the Quinnipiac survey.

Hickenlooper saw his approval ratings drop below 50 percent for the first time and a spike in his disapproval rating in 2013, as he presided over a Democrat-controlled legislature that pursued a bold, controversial agenda including tougher gun laws, election reform and a increased renewable energy standard for rural electricity providers.



  • Test

    People treat Democracy as some kind of Holy Grail. It’s not hard to find obvious examples of self destructing democracies.

    Just because a bunch of dishonest people agree on something doesn’t make it right – or make it work.

    Until we improve ourselves, until we regain some basic morals, democracy will continue to deliver exactly what we’re seeing in California, Chicago, Detroit and Washington DC.

    Hickenlooper’s “approval” rating is irrelevant. What he has done is plain to see.

  • Fast45

    Voters in general have short attention spans. If Hickenlooper had only recently signed those gun control bills, or chickened out on even making a decision regarding Nathan Dunlap, he’d get toasted this election.

    Instead of taking their vote seriously and holding politicians accountable, most voters have amnesia after a few months. That fact, plus the Republicans’ tendency towards sticking their feet into their mouths about women’s rights, “believing” in evolution, and other distractions will likely result in another term for Hickenlooper.

    The floods and wildfires provided a staged backdrop for positive photo opportunities. They took our eyes off the ball … and Hickenlooper’s glaring leadership issues.

  • DR Commish

    Good “Find” Mr. Stokols… Just keep believing the “stuff” you find….

    I’m sure the Governor will have his hands full, come election time, regarding his record….My Bet: If the Governor is unable to rein in the liberal impulses of his colleagues… he’ll be gone.

  • Mark Conner

    This is the spineless govenor who promised to support the death penalty and then didn’t. And then wouldn’t veto a bunch of worthless new gun control laws that solve nothing other than cost Colorado jobs…….Come on people wake up.

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