More possible victims of random attacks in downtown Denver come forward

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DENVER -- Police Wednesday issued a crime warning to citizens about the violent, random attacks taking place in downtown Denver.

Since FOX31 Denver first told you about a series of possible "knockout game" attacks on New Year's Eve in lower Downtown, more potential victims of attacks have come forward to share their stories.

They talk about being punched and brutally beaten in attacks that came out of nowhere.

Julie Hayden reports about one man's painful ordeal in the video clip.



  • Coloradan

    I think this is taking a sharp turn and starting to scare peacful people. We all have family and loved friends and relatives in downtown Denver that we are very worried about now. Low enforcement should take an affirmative action gainst these terrifying crimes. This is domestic terrorism. If this happens again, then there is no difference between living in the US or Iraq or Afghanisatan. This is causing so much pain and suffering. Victims’ reaction to this might turn them into criminals as a result. There should be more cameras and undercover police in the street. We want to see arrested criminals. It is our right to be safe in our city. That’s the least we should get as a right.

  • John Oravez

    Well I hate to say it but when I am downtown I am armed, so to these clowns who think this is funny I have only one thing to say… You better make sure to knock me ALL THE WAY OUT… Don’t mess with and angry bear unless your ready to get destroyed…

    Sad situation really… Oh and knock someone out in front of me and be ready to be held at gunpoint until police show up.. It’s my little gift to you… :-)

  • SloCatch

    So where is all the Black Leadership to denounce this type of terror? I have not heard anything from Al Sharpton, Jessy Jackson, Barack Obama or our Police Chief concerning Black on White bias. Their inaction speaks loudly for them.

  • Fast45

    While we have a Negro Mayor, Negro police chief, and Negro DPD spokesperson, nothing will be done.

    After all, this story is only about a few Negroes out having fun at night … right? Even the media calls it a “game” so it must be something less, than low-life Negroes committing felonies directed at white people.

    Leave several of the thugs dead at the scene, and quietly stroll away. Then we will all see if Sonny Jackson can figure it out … or not.

  • cardsfan78

    Michelle…..News reports on other stations have said “Young African-American groups”…….or are you including whites and Hispanics as “African-American”???? BTW: it’s not “playing”. Someone is gonna get killed eventually!!!!!

  • Chee

    Park Hill Bloods in for hunting. Chief White’s interview on 7 was pathetic. You rarely see District 6 at midnight on 20th or 19th, inept leadership.

  • Dave

    A place that is too dangerous to go when you are unarmed is equally dangerous when you are armed, your chances of survival are just better. Why not live and go somewhere else for recreation. If Denver wants to allow gang bangers to roam unfettered, take your business to some other place.

  • Test

    More of the Rhonda Fields Utopia plan in action. This is how it works when folks like her make the laws.

    Why is it that after a crime Democrats are so fixated on punishing people who did NOT commit the crime.

  • David Beam

    This is not a Race oriented act. From what I can find out, The so-called black leaders have spoken out against this. Facts don’t seem to count when the racist claims come out.

  • Fast45

    Beam … comparing your post with the numerous evidence and facts … it is obvious that facts really don’t count, for YOU.

    Gangs of Negroes are committing these attacks. It hardly matters who speaks out against them.

  • David Beam

    Fast45 is looking for suckers who will beleive the latest hype, it seems. Gangs of so called Negros attacking Negros seems less about race than about brutality. Why dont you call for something to be done instead of spitting out race bait.

  • howens

    blacks attacking whites in every large city in the USA and not one news media has the nerve to tell the truth.Shame on them

  • Ronald R Worthington

    they ‘neglected’ to say–99.9% of the attackers nationwide are young BLACKS. a very high percentage-over 90% of victims are white, and the balance are jewish or asian.. read the book “White Girl Bleed A Lot’, it explains exactly what is going on. the LSM and most police depts. are just too ‘politically correct’ to even mention the fact these bozos are all BLACK. meanwhile, stay away from any groups of young black people, maybe you will be OK.

  • anonymous

    This is the black community united and making a statement in their defense of Trevon Martin. The FED knows it but doesn’t want it publicized and tgats why the first person arrested was a white mental patient from Texas who knocked out a black person and was charged under federal hate crimes. I would like to blame the Zimmerman guy as his behavior would probably land him in jail eventually. He’s obsessed with being armed, why do you think he wants to be armed? He is scared by what he saw living in Florida. This is a perfect opportunity for law enforcement to stand up stop it and move us all forward in telling the truth.

  • Fast45

    Put hot lead, on their head, till they’re dead. Leave a few thugs lying where they attacked you, and THEN we will see some action from our Negro mayor, police chief, and DPD spokesperson.

    The liberal biased slanted media even calls it a “game.” After all, this is only about a few (poor, disadvantaged) Negro youth out having a little fun at night, right?

  • Mike

    The best thing you can do is be aware of your surroundings, Pay attention. If you are comfortable with it carry a firearm. If not at least invest in a Taser, or some other form of self defense.

  • David Beam

    So it looks like one Black man was charged with hate crimes, 7 different assaults in New York against Whites. So one guy = seven attacks. If I read this board from some of you it looks like all Black people are attacking all White people. So did that guy get arrested as an Obama cover-up? Or are you guys trying to inflame racists feelings?

    • Ronald R Worthington

      simple–99.9% of all the attackers were black, nearly all the victims have been white. as far as i know, not one of the blacks has been charged as a ‘hate crime’. so this 1 white guy decided to force the issue; he punched a 70 year old black guy. HE has been charged with a ‘hate crime’ by our insidious DOJ, proving that our federal gov’t IS being racist about the whole thing.

  • John Wayne.

    FOX 31 are anti-White cowards. These “hate crimes” are predominantly done by Blacks on Whites. White kids, women. old folks. 7 have died from the Black assaults on Whites, aka “The Knockout game”, aka, “The Polar Bear game”.

    You cowards need to report this correctly. Thanks.

  • Reverend Bacon

    By failing to give more info about the attackers, you stigmatize everyone, and you make people afraid of everyone. It’s just gangs of black males, typically under 20, almost always under 30. The more specific you can be, the more the public can be vigilant.

    When there’s an Amber alert out for a Green Dodge, they tell you to look out for a Green Dodge. Not “a car.” The law-abiding citizens who drive Green Dodges don’t get all butthurt if they get pulled over.

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