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VIRAL VIDEO: Old Spice gets weird with “Mom Song” ad

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DENVER — Anyone who watched the NFL playoffs during the weekend no doubt noticed the newest, creepiest spot in Old Spice’s increasingly surreal marketing campaign.

“Mom Song” features various moms following (some might say stalking) their teenage sons as they frolic with young women, who seem to powerless to resist the sexy scent of Old Spice body spray.

The first few moms are simply sneaking along behind the couples, but soon mothers are donning disguises, skitching behind cars in laundry baskets and exploding from between couch cushions in dismay that women have begun to notice their little boys.

And then there’s the song. The moms are belting out an absolutely bonkers (but catchy!) showtune that sounds like the work of Rodgers and Hammerstein by way of Dr. Sigmund Freud. Old Spice made a man of my son, indeed.

If the goal of advertising is simply to demand attention, then well played, Old Spice. But if the goal is to convince suburban moms to buy your product for their own children, this might be a risky play.

Then again, for those who prefer their absurdist fragrance advertising in a family friendly package, there’s always the Wes Welker ad.



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