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Talking to kids about legal marijuana

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Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado, many parents are worried about how the new law will impact their kids and their attitudes about drugs. So how do you start the conversation with your family aAbout a drug that was once illegal but is now becoming more mainstream and legal?

We’ve got Dr. Larry Curry here with some tips.



  • David

    the first thing you tell them is to turn in anyone that tries to give them pot.then you can tell them to turn in anyone that has it at school. just because the adults of this state are stupid does not mean my kids should be surounded by people with pot. i am sure drug dealers, cardel people and parents that are pushing this pot will be getting pot into schools one way or another all you parents that don’t want it around your kids are going to have to act and stand up for your kids rights

  • Bruce

    I personally think marijuana should be legal and alcohol should be illegal because no matter how much weed you smoke you won’t black out or lose control of your mental facilities..

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