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Parents wonder if son was victim of ‘knockout game’ in downtown Denver attack

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DENVER -- The parents of one Denver man think their son was the victim of a dangerous online trend called the "knockout" game.

He suffered five broken bones in his face in a brutal attack in downtown Denver New Year's Eve.

Denver Police are investigating the case as a part of what detectives are calling pattern assaults in downtown New Year's Eve.

There were four assaults, all random, in the same area. Denver Police say the victims were knocked out. Robbery was not a motive in any of the assaults.

Nick Lloyd believes he's lucky that he is still alive, even though he has five fractures in his face. "Broken jaw on both sides, my left ocular socket here is broken, the bone over here by my left temple is broken, and then right here..." he says as he points to the side of his nose.

The young man is on pain medications. He's scheduled for surgery Friday.

"I'm not going to hide it. I'm mad," says Skip Lloyd, Nick's father. "And people need to be aware that this is going on downtown."

Nick's jaw will be wired shut for two months following the surgery.

His parents say they've seen videos of the violent "Knockout Games" going on across the country and they want to know if that's what happened.

Nick and his friend were walking along 20th Avenue near Larimer Street in LoDo late New Year's Eve when a group of young people attacked them. "Just kind of out of nowhere he got hit and I got hit," Nick says.

His mother wants answers. "We as citizens need to be aware of it and we need to understand what can we do, you know, let's not just complain about it but what can we do so it doesn't keep happening," Laura Lloyd says.

Denver Police are investigating and told the Lloyds they hope surveillance cameras or web postings of video will lead to suspects.

But because Nick was knocked out, he could not give a description of who blind-sided him.

His parents say no one stopped to help Nick, who was driven to the hospital by a friend's mother.

Nick does have a piece of advice. "If you're going to go with people go with a bigger group. I honestly feel like if there had been three or four of us even, it wouldn't have happened."



  • Chee

    It wasn’t a game, the Park Hill Bloods have been running Lodo for 2 decades in packs. District 6 spends more time at Ross on the mall watching for runners out the door with pants.

  • Fast45

    As long as we have a Negro mayor, Negro police chief, and Negro DPD spokesperson, nothing will be done. After all, this was just a few Negros out having fun, right? Even the media calls it a “game.”

    Shoot the bastards dead, and then we’ll see action! Rhonda Fields will be calling for action to stop white racism against poor disadvantaged Negro youth. Of course she’s in favor of more gun control laws … we cannot have her kind being shot by law abiding citizens now, can we?

    Maybe Hickenlooper, Fields, and Bloomberg can help pass laws declaring Lodo to be a “crime-free zone” … THAT will protect us. Uh-huh. Sure it will.

  • cardsfan78

    Soooo….STOP spending your MONEY down there. Let the businesses SCREAM for “crowd” control by the cops once they start losing their sales profits……either that or they will be closing their doors!!!!

    By all means, protect yourself!!!!!!!

  • Cody Jones

    Exactly cardsfan! I called all the businesses downtown that I liked to patron and told them i wont be spending any money down there outta fear for my safety. I also told chief white the same thing. I suggest everyone makes a call to the chief and mention their concerns.
    Chief of Police
    Chief of Police Robert C. White
    Police Headquarters Building
    Phone: (720) 913-6527
    Chaplain’s Unit

  • Cody Jones

    John W Hickenlooper, Governor
    136 State Capitol
    Denver, CO 80203-1792

    (303) 866-2471

    (303) 866-2003

    Write a letter. Please!

  • Mariah Canfield-Jones

    Um…actually, there are white people also playing this game too, it isn’t just African Americans playing it, it is teenagers who are bored or just wanting to cause troubles. Trust me on this, it isn’t just Black kids doing it, there are white kids too, Hispanic, and more, please stop thinking it is just Black kids playing it!

  • fast45

    Why don’t the cops do something? Because the Cowards-in-Blue want nothing to do with a real fight. If you are an unarmed innocent citizen outside a nightclub doorway, they will beat the hell out of you.

  • cardsfan78

    Mariah Canfield-Jones….maybe your seeing something in the videos that we’re not. Every time I was down there I saw no gang’s that weren’t black. It’s been for that reason alone that I haven’t been down there in years either with my family or by myself…..I’ll spend my money elsewhere!!!!!! For the rest of you…lock and load.

  • Cody Jones

    Oh Mariah. It’s only whites being assaulted. That’s the kicker. It’s not a mixed group goin after a black guy. Look closer now, its a hate crime on whites by blacks. You can sprinkle in a Spanish guy but they aren’t white either. Don’t turn away from the problem because the truth will make you sound racist. Say it out loud Mariah, whites are being targeted.

  • The Truth

    The NEWS is to blame as all they seem to do is PROMOTE violence. There is always 10000 acts of violence to 1 GOOD story reported. Just saying.

  • Chee

    I saw PE at The Summit Music Hall it was wall to wall security for good reason, somebody was knocked out and killed there. I walked to light rail at midnight and saw zero cops. You wonder why the wild packs have fun. The Mayor? Oh please, his name was in the black book of an escort service and i.d.’d by the hookers in an unaired 9News segment. The police chief hasn’t been seen since he was introduced.

  • Dustin

    One day they will pick the wrong white boy that has a CCW. Then off to the coronor’s Office they will go.

  • Jerry Castillo

    It doesn’t matter who is doing this, if they are white, black, Asian, or Hispanic or what ever, they need to be stopped. If we all band together instead of pointing fingers at each other and attack them when we see this happening to someone on the street, they will be out numbered and we can hold them till the police get there. Every one has cell phones to call 911, video or take pictures. For no one to help this young men that were attacked in downtown Denver on New Years Eve is a shame. We need to stop this racist thing and stop spreading hate and get the real evil doers, no matter what color they are. Come on people we can do this, we can put together a group of people of all color, like the Garden ANgels of New York to patrol our beautiful Downtown Denver. That will stop them from hurting anyone else. We were downtown on New Years w/ our son and I know if that was my son, I’d be mad as hell!!! just like his dad. What would Jesus do? <3 Not Hate

  • Chee

    Easy. Carry a weapon and walk around 22nd at 2 A.M. wait for the Bloods pack and taunt them. Walther PPK is choice.

  • m

    Texans are nice people. I don’t believe i have ever traveled to that state where people aren’t polite and friendly. maybe it’s the easterners but to say it’s the Texans…come on…Yeah, Seriously, you surely don’t believe that! If you did then go find another liberal state like California to live in. Man up! Leave!

  • Cody Jones

    Jerry, call the chief, i posted his number. Call hickenlooper, i posted his number. Set up a time to meet with them. I did it today. Ultimately, their stance is they have no evidence whatsoever to prove who it is. If u really want to help. CALL them and voice your concern. All of my friends will be writing, emailing and calling in an attempt to make the police aware of our intent to get this handled, Like white men. Call or don’t make anymore comments. This is my dare to you specifically.

  • Fred Hill

    Not to mention it took a week for them to report the story.Crimestoppers must be going to let out a report so they didn’t want to look bad again.

    “All we have is assaults by black males, so we need more details. That’s why we’re asking for the community’s help,” said Denver Police Department Sonny Jackson.

    Denver media are a bunch of coddlers.


    One of earliest recorded ‘knock-out game’ attacks was recorded in Abraham Lincoln’s autobiography.

    At the age of 19 Lincoln and a friend were attacked by seven black males. Lincoln, who at 6’4″ towered over most men at that time, managed to escape relatively unscathed.

    Black-on-white mob attacks have been a routine part of American culture for generations. The media has ignored this brazen racist phenomenon because it doesn’t fit their revisionist narrative of a racist white America that abuses blacks and other non-whites.

    Rather, revisionist historians portray whites who defend themselves against black violence as aggressors. We observed that in real time as the media mischaracterized ‘white Hispanic’ George Zimmerman as the aggressor even as the ‘unarmed Trayvon Martin’ pounded his head into concrete.

    Reverse revisionism was also seen in the Jena Six episode in which six black males attacked a white student in Jena, Louisiana. Thousands of blacks rallied in Jena in defense of the attacks while the BET cable network honored the black attackers at their annual awards program.

    Reverse revisionism has convinced nearly all Americans that Jim Crow laws were the result of senseless white bigotry when, in reality, Jim Crow was a practical public policy designed to protect white people, like those attacked in Denver, from violent black crime.

  • m

    The only change for anyone or any species comes from the will power to change. No comments will convince some race to change. They have to realize that in order to better one’s life…you have to make changes in many aspects for your own betterment.

  • Hannah

    Not again.!

    About ten years ago, there were allegedly hardcore street gangs associated with colors like red and blue assaulting random passersby in LoDo.

    DPD didn’t want to alarm the public and keep them from patronizing LoDo businesses, so there was not an initial press release.

    Instead, there was a special deployment of very tough gang unit officers to the area on a longterm basis.

    Would LoDo patrons have been assaulted by gang members, but for the protection of gang unit cops?

    Were any of the “excessive force” allegations against officers related to the gang-fighting mentality?

    Do we as citizens have to choose: Get beat up by thugs, or get beat up by cops?

    I have heard that in many of these knockout assaults the victim is of diminutive stature.

    Short people going to party in LoDo: Wear your hardhats and stay safe out there.

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