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Broncos ease concerns of fan who thought he had record-breaking ball

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Denver fan Gary Garcia got Broncos' record-breaking ball at game in Oakland

Denver fan Gary Garcia got Broncos' record-breaking ball at game in Oakland

DENVER — It has been a record-shattering year for the Denver Broncos. One die-hard fan thought he had a one-of-a-kind memento from this history making season.

It’s the ball that broke the single season scoring record.

Or at least he thought he had it. Gary Garcia contacted FOX31 Denver News with concerns he didn’t have the right ball.

We contacted the Broncos Monday to clear it all up.

“I mean I was just in a daze, like awe, the whole time,” Garcia says about what happened when he followed his team to see them play in Oakland.

There he was a Broncos fan, in enemy territory, in the famous “Black Hole,” when his Broncos did something no team has ever done before.

“We were watching the game and I seen the play develop … I seen Peyton drop back and I seen him throw it … and I seen Damaryius run it and I’m like ‘this is the opportunity.”

Demaryius Thomas caught a touchdown pass that turned the Broncos into the highest scoring team in the history of pro football.

“I ran up to the front and Damaryius caught it and scored and I told him give me the ball and he hesitates and then gives me the ball,” Garcia says.

“Everyone wanted pictures with me and we took all kinds of pictures.”

It was all celebration and fun … And no big deal. A few minutes later, when an official on the field asked Gary to give him the ball real quick. “I handed it to him, and it looked like he did something, and he handed me the ball back.”

“That’s where this story takes a twist.  When they got back home, and took the ball to be authenticated, they were told it must not be the actual touchdown ball because that ball had already been sent to the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. How could that be? Did that official on the field make a sneaky switch?

“And that’s what got me, that’s where we were ‘there’s something wrong here, we have this ball, what do you mean this is in the hall of fame?'”

FOX31 Denver News talked to the Broncos Monday to set the record straight. Good news: They say the ball that set the scoring record was never sent to the Hall of Fame.

Only Peyton’s 51st touchdown and his final touchdown of the season later that game were sent to Canton.

It looks like Gary has his historic ball after all. And the Broncos promise they’ll get this piece of history autographed for one of their biggest fans.

“If we could get Damaryius and Peyton to sign it and say touchdown 54, that’s all we want on this ball and that would be great,” Garcia says.



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  • The Truth

    Anybody with a jersey is a die-hard fan? Sure we’ll see it up on E bay in a month. Who got duped here?

  • anonymous

    I know him personally. I can guarantee you this football will not be ebay. He will eventually hand it down to his two sons. He is a die-hard fan obviously to have traveled to Oakland! Just a bunch of haters if you ask me!!

  • Anonymous

    He is definitely a die hard Broncos fan. Not only did he travel to Oakland for this game he also traveled to KC for the game at the end of November, in addition to attending almost all of the home games in Denver. That ball will never leave his family. It will definitely be handed down to his boys. You all are a bunch of haters and wish you could have had the experience that he had! Now go back to your miserable little lives and shut the hell up! Go Broncos!!

  • Anonymous One

    Die-Hard fan or not (I believe that he is….who cares anyways?) He still butchered the english language by saying “I SEEN THE PLAY, I SEEN PEYTON, I SEEN HIM THROW” C’mon GARCIA, you are a big boy now – It’s “I SAW THE PLAY, I SAW PEYTON THROW, I SAW, I SAW, I SAW, I SAW!

  • Anonymous One

    I SEEN GARCIA TALK LIKE HE JUST GRADUATED 2ND GRADE. Oh Wait…Second graders know better by then. 1st maybe?

  • Gary

    Lol hell ya Go Broncos!! And yes I am a die hard Broncos fan attending all the games i have this and last year and every other year before!! I bleed orange and blue and just cause you cant be a boss like me doesnt mean you have to hate!!!

  • Peter Ritchey

    Gary your story is incredible!! Good for you to have such an incredible moment in your life!! I’m jealous! I lived in Denver when Elway was at the helm but moved home to Kansas for family issues. I miss Mile High…your one lucky fella!! Congratulations young man!!

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