Intense cold disrupts travel at Denver International Airport

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DENVER -- A massive winter storm that hit parts of the Midwest and up and down the Eastern seaboard created problems at DIA Sunday, including a baggage backup.

One man traveling from New York to DIA spent hours looking for his suitcase at baggage claim because of the backup.

"I actually got lucky and found it because it was in the pile over there and the people who work here didn't even know it was here," said Mark Maggrow of New York.

The severe snow and ice storms delayed and canceled flights all across the nation.

The weather was dangerous in some areas, including New York's JFK Airport, where a Delta Air flight from Toronto slid off the runway. Thankfully none of the 35 passengers were injured.

Chicago O'Hare was also hard hit by the storm and about 1200 flights had to be cancelled.

Airline workers said in some cases more bags than passengers were actually able to make it to their destination.

It happened on one flight from New York's LaGuardia Airport to Denver.

"We had to take 20 people off the plane because they miscalculated the weight," said Marie DiSlavo.

"They offered people 400 Delta Dollars, and then after that it was whoever was the cheapest flight.  Whatever was the cheapest fare you paid, those were the people who got kicked off first," said Maggrow.

But, Maggrow said those passengers' bags were still on the flight.

And while things seemed to move pretty smoothly at DIA, including short lines at security, most flights were delayed for a few hours because all outgoing planes from Denver had to be de-iced.

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