Years later, World War II vet receives medals he earned during war

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For more information about the Forgotten Heroes Campaign, or to report a veteran who served honorably but never received medals they earned, contact the organization at 720-234-3594 or



  • Rose

    Thank you Alfred Hurtado for your sacrifices and service for our freedom! I am saddened that it took so long for you to get your medals. What an honor for your family to see you receive your awards in person not just see it in pictures or videos like most of the younger generations do now.

  • Taco Fella

    Hey Roscoe, John Kerry fought in the Vietnam War. He is a veteran. What have you ever done for this country?

  • Loving, Compassionate Conservative

    Hurtado?? I don’t like the sound of that. His beanor kids have been exploiting our country for the past 50 years.

  • john cook

    Hurtado, the last time I checked, is an American name. Especially in this case.

    Do you have proof of this “exploitation?”

    Did you ever serve in our military?

    How are YOU exploiting your country today?

  • Roberta Mandonado

    Your wrong totally ….how cruel you calling us ,”Beanors”. How can you judge…Alfred Hurtado is more American than you. We Hurtados hold our rheads up high thanks to our grandfather. As far as we can go Hurtado’s are Americans…Were very proud of our Grandfather….Only God our Father makes judgement., I pray for you to realize you cant judge people I pray God gives you a second chance….these last 50 yrs Hurtado family has worked hard for what we have and will continue to do so in the years to come…Thank You grandfather Alfred Hurtado <3@@@@@@@@@_

  • Yvonne Chavez

    A true American hero! Words cannot express my gratitude for your service! God bless you! As far as the idiot(Loving, Compassionate, Conservative) with the negative comment is just that an idiot!

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