Police raid ‘sophisticated’ marijuana grow operation in Haswell

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(Photo: CNN)

HASWELL, Colo. — Two people were arrested Saturday morning after a police raid discovered 1,200 illegal marijuana plants inside a home in Haswell, the Kiowas County Sheriff’s Office reported.

The suspects are not believed to be Colorado residents, but they had been living at the house for about two months, police said.

“This is a very sophisticated operation,” stated Kiowa County Sheriff Forrest Frazee. “Plants are lined up in various stages of growth, with the largest being about three feet tall. None were in bloom yet.”

While new marijuana laws do allow residents to grow a small amount of marijuana for personal use, large-scale, unregisted growing remains illegal.



  • Problemsolver

    Stop bitching , pots legal but these two idiots broke the law. On top of that the time frame of when they moved in till now would match the police description of an unflowered plant set up.Unless you know of a magic way to move in to the state, buy a house , move in , set a grow op up and then have your plants magically mature , flower and be ready for harvest within .2 months , and If you do know a way please tell me. If jot then please keep your opinions and dillusions away from me and the wonders of rational thought.

  • LEE

    WHAT A COUPLE IDIOTS. We finely have the priviladge, and there is going to be some idiot that will try and ruin it for people. BE DESCREAT… no spl chk :)

  • Kae Mechiso

    Even though personal use marijuana is now legal in Colorado a black market for weed will always remain to avoid taxes. Illegal moonshine is still brewed and sold in this country to avoid the taxes and that goes back to the 1700’s

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