Multi-state storms slow travel at Denver International Airport

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DENVER -- It was a frustrating day for passengers at Denver International Airport on Saturday because of bad weather not only in Denver, but everywhere east of the Mississippi.

Southwest Airlines reported wait times as long as two hours at the ticket counter.

"Curb checkin is better. It's about 15-20 minutes," said a Southwest Airlines worker.

Travelers heading back East faced the most delays because of all of the snowstorms there.

"I think there are a lot of unhappy faces. People are not looking festive or excited about the new year," said Christina Harrington, traveling with her husband and two kids.

Harrington and her family's flight was only delayed for 30 minutes to get back to Baltimore, but she worried it could be be longer.

"Half an hour we can deal with, but a couple of days, that will be tricky," Harrington said.

Like many at the airport, the Harrington family is wrapping up their ski vacation here in Colorado and heading home.

"So, I'm kinda wishing we weren't traveling today. It is chaos," Harrington said.

And the Harringtons aren't the only ones. The O'Brian family also wasn't expecting to deal with so many people.

"So, we expected a lot of people. We didn't expect this," said Trey O'Brian, traveling with his family to Jackson, Mississippi.

Lines at the ticket counter wrapped around like those at Disney World.

"Disney World they give you a fast pass. I'm still looking for the fast pass to Southwest," O'Brian joked.

The delays weren't only inside, but outside as well. Airport workers moved quickly to de-ice planes before getting them off the ground.

Back inside, it seemed like a mad house at times with passengers rushing to get to their flights. Many travelers said the key to getting through all of this was just having patience.


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