Magpul Industries finally making good on threat to leave Colorado

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A worker assembles magazines inside the Magpul factory in Erie, Colo.

ERIE, Colo. — The Colorado-based firearms accessories manufacturer that threatened to leave the state if more-restrictive gun legislation was passed is finally making good on its threat more than nine months after the new gun laws went into effect.

In a press release issued on Thursday, Magpul Industries CEO Richard Fitzpatrick said his company, which currently employs 250 people in Colorado, will be relocating its shipping operations to Cheyenne, Wyo. and its company headquarters to an undisclosed location in Texas.

The company said it is still deciding between three possible North Central Texas locations for its headquarters, and that the transition to its new home will begin as soon as a decision is made.

Support received from governors in both states — Matt Mead in Wyoming and Rick Perry in Texas — played a big role in the selection of both sites, Magpul wrote in the release.

“Moving operations to states that support our culture of individual liberties and personal responsibility is important,” Fitzpatrick said. “This relocation will also improve business operations and logistics as we utilize the strengths of Texas and Wyoming in our expansion.

Fitzpatrick went on to note that the move is expected to take place at some point in the next 12 to 16 months.



  • Ger

    >It is a shame that abortion wasn’t legal when “a good conservative…” mother conceived it.<
    True, but then we'd have to find some other liberal troll to laugh at.

  • Not Chicken Little

    Good for them for following through. Hit ’em where it hurts! Just like a kick in the…no, I forgot, no one has those anymore in Colorado government. They’d rather Californicate with the metrosexual and homosexual crowd…

  • Texas Redneck and proud of it

    Cancer boy sounds like a puppet. Wonder where Obama sticks his
    hand to get his mouth and fingers to move.

  • j

    hey “good cancer” go back to choking on your boyfriend’s microdick….there are adults talking here…………..

  • fast45

    Nice job, Hickenlooper! Perhaps you can also help protect us all by supporting more “Gun-free Zone Laws” like the one your cronies are putting on the ballot.

    Nathan Dunlap is strongly in favor of gun-free zones.

  • Joyce Espinosa (@crystaljespin)

    Magpul was already in discussions with WY and TX long before the gun bills last year. They didn’t do anything courageous or principled. They just took offers they already had. They tried to get tax money out of Colorado but were unsuccessful. Strong possibility they would have left anyway. They don’t deserve any praise. They just used the bills to engineer repulsive publicity stunts, create panic buying, and made out like bandits before they finally announced the decision to move. I wonder if WY and TX sweetened their offers while Magpul was playing games.

  • AC

    I like to think my dad was a smart man when he said this “GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE WITH GUNS KILL PEOPLE!” So on that note I dont think strickter gun laws will help. I think if somebody goes and buys amunition by the tons that should raise a red flag. Why does a civilian need that much ammunition. Well I feel for the people who will loose thier job if they dont move.

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