CU Professor cleared to teach controversial ‘Deviance in US Society’ class

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A prostitution skit is part of a controversial class at CU-Boulder

A prostitution skit is part of a controversial class at CU-Boulder

BOULDER, Colo. — The University of Colorado announced a tenured professor at the Boulder campus has been cleared to keep on teaching a controversial class called “Deviance in U.S. Society.”

Prof. Patti Adler’s class came under scrutiny last month after teaching assistants say they were forced to participate in a skit about prostitution.

A CU committee ruled Wednesday the class is “appropriate” and decided Adler can continue teaching it.

She has not said if she’ll return to the school.



  • Ken McCallister

    CU Boulder, they don’t have much controversy right ? Just kidding. The outfits shouldnt offend too many people, go downtown on Fridays and Saturday nights when the bars are closing. The girls in the skit are actually wearing more than the bar crowd.

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  • Mandy

    Looks like Professor Adler has changed her teaching tactics a bit… I took this class from her in the late 90s at CU and don’t remember any half-dressed teacher’s assistants doing prostitute skits. It was an interesting class, and Adler is certainly a “different” sort of professor, to say the least… She’s definitely all about shock value, which isn’t saying much. I think the way she used to teach the class got the material across just fine — I don’t remember being bored or anything in that class, and there was a huge wait list for her classes.

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