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Colo. GOP plans to try to repeal gun control laws in new legislative session

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DENVER -- The 2014 Colorado Legislature convenes next week at the Capitol.

And we could be hearing a lot about gun control laws. It sounds like it might be a repeat of last year's controversial session.

But this year, it's the Republicans who are saying they plan to work to repeal many of the gun control laws the Democratic-led legislature passed last year.



  • Tom

    And we’re behind them!

    If you don’t want to get behind the Second Amendment, you can stand in front of it!

  • Greg McCarter

    A bit late to save all that tax revenue that Magpul is taking to other states. Not to mention the money their employees spent on the local economy. Thanks RRR for your support to the state.

  • Test

    Before all you gun haters whine about how benign these laws are, read the laws. They have a lot of hidden details that make them far worse than the media is letting on.

    I know that you folks think it’s fair that I pay $160+ for a CCW, but then have to pay another $10 for a background check for a new gun, but did you realize that I have to also pay a $10 background check to get my own gun returned to me from a dealer? Is it fair that I have to drive miles to a dealer and pay $10 to get a background check on a niece if I want to let her borrow a rifle for a hunting trip? (and yes, we’ll have to do the check when she wants to return it)

    Did you realize that it takes 4 minutes to run a background check – we’re being charged $150/ hour for a 4 minute background check. That’s fair?

    This is not crime prevention, it’s bullying.

    Also, read the magazine laws, they are vague and the wording is not consistent with the actual manufacturing processes used to make them. Sorry folks, ignorance is not a valid basis for lawmaking.

  • NativeColoRN

    …repeal, perhaps not this minute. EVICT Chickenlooper and the rest of the idiots that voted for this INEFFECTIVE gun measures (witness Tom Clemen’s murder), in 2014. Then repeal the insane, knee jerk laws… TAKE KDVR, Eli Stokols, the Denver post, with the rest of the trash out…once and for all!
    At that time, legally, put Nathan Dunlop(chuck E Cheese murder) back on death row!

  • MichelleRBoots (@MichelleRBoots)

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  • Fast45

    Obama: “Nobody is trying to take away your guns” This, from the same guy who said “If you like your doctor and your plan, you can keep them”

    I applaud the efforts to repeal the Dems’ attacks on the Second Amendment but without a majority in our state house, and a Repub governor, the efforts are merely symbolic. Hopefully the Repubs will choose electable candidates who concentrate on fiscal responsibility and leadership … instead of snuffing out women’s reproductive rights, ‘believing’ in evolution, or arguing about which imaginary friend-in-the-sky in the REAL god, etc.

    Neuter the Dems, from the top down.

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