2-year-old recovering after testing positive for THC

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- A two-year-old Longmont girl is back home after spending New Year's Eve in the hospital. She tested positive for THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

The incident, which remains under investigation, happened on Tuesday when a mother told police she stumbled upon her daughter eating a cookie left sitting in the front yard of an apartment complex.

An hour after eating the cookie, the toddler's mom rushed her to a Longmont hospital when she realized her daughter was acting strangely.

"She was sleepy, she was opening and closing her eyes, and she couldn't walk very well," said Aida Hernandez in an interview with FOX31 Denver Thursday.

The toddler returned from the hospital Wednesday but police are still trying to figure out where the possibly toxic cookie came from.

A Longmont police spokesperson confirmed the Hernandez family is cooperating in the investigation and says investigators believe the THC did not come from within the family's apartment.



  • Vincent

    It sounds like bad parenting for letting there child obviously outside unsupervised then not watching them as they eat a dirty nasty cookie off the ground where god knows what it went trough. You can’t skip blame for bad parenting. Its the parents 100% fault there child had THC in there system. It never would have let my child eat a cookie off the ground. I say child neglect charges should be filed. Never B.S. a person with common sense………

  • Ruth Ann Roberts

    Vincent—— A child can have a cookie or a rock or stick – into their mouth far faster than you can go running across the yard or room- to stop them. A toddler could have just as easily picked up a dog turd… Have you ever been a parent of a toddler?

  • Lesley

    I don’t believe a word of it. People don’t leave those laying around. I smell bs. Bad parenting either way.

  • Amye

    Agreed with the person above. Toddlers get things done in a blink of an eye. You don’t know til you have children of your own that you are 100% responsible for all the time.

  • Dave

    give me a break you let your toddlers run around in the front yard of an apartment complex unattended?????!!! really??? what if it was a used needle or broken glass? your gonna say its not the parents fault? B.S.!

  • Mendi Mayhem (@LaylaLolly)

    Yes, a toddler CAN and WILL pick up something off of the ground in a flash and put it into their mouth…..which is why, as a mother, you don’t let your child roam freely in front of an apartment building/complex, which has a ton of traffic. As a mother, you should keep a better eye on your kids. She could have picked up any number of dangerous things. When you live in an apartment you cannot control who comes and goes or what they drop on the ground around your building, but you CAN control whether or not you let your baby loose on said ground.

  • David Lovett

    No, it’s not a good thing, but I bet the child was fine, lucky she didn’t find some pills or hypodermic needle.

  • Olivia

    To carol I don’t know what more stupid the mother leaving her child unattended or your stupid remark… When will u dumb people see it has nothing to do with race!!!!!!!! Don’t forget who went to an elementary school on a shooting rampage …I believe he was white!!!!!!

  • Anastacia Nolan

    Sure that cookie was ” something she found on the ground”. Bad parenting. Why would you leave a toddler unsupervised outside an apartment to play alone? Cooking up another batch of THC cookies? Sadly, it seems anyone can have kids.

    Olivia ,when you have whole generations one after another coming over our borders daily, that in fact is criminal charge number one. Stop coming here and having too many kids, so that you can sneak into the system.

    Americans are getting fed up with the bulls***. This may not be the case here, but you and this woman know at people that have weasled their way into America.

  • Cheryl Allen

    Toddlers do get into every and anything but who lets a two year old play outside by themselves to begin with my 7 year old doesnt even play outside unsupsrvised. Bad parenting is exactly that has nothing to do with race.

  • Lucy M

    Vincent – it hurt my eyes reading your comments. It is THEIR not THERE. perhaps you had bad parenting because you weren’t taught to spell.
    We don’t know the full story on the supervision – the mother obviously saw her eating the cookie but it could have been something that happened in a blink on the eye. So stop judging and let’s hope all is ok for this little girl.

  • Andrea B. Lucero

    Casting judgements are we? It happened. Get over it. The little girl is okay. It was an accident and none of our business. No one has has any business laying judgement on this little girl, her parents or each other. Just be glad she is okay.

  • Donald

    Andrea Lucero–LUCERO! That’s why she’s defending. They stick together so they can look like victims.

  • Brenda

    im surprised that no one on here has addressed the fact that it could have been a normal cookie and it could have been a sexual predator attached to the other and of that cookie or a serial killer, or kid napper thats why you watch your children and yes even with watching them she still could have put it in her mouth but her mother could have told her to spit it out. to sum up its your responsibility to watch out for your children not the worlds so be aware of what your child is doing at all times “in the blink of an eye” she could have just as easily been gone.

    furthermore to the pot head that lost their cookie this is not a game and a lot of people are happy that they can enjoy their marijuana . the key to making this work is responsibility make sure you know where your stuff is, dont blow it for everyone else, the laws are the way there are to make sure every one is safe. They aren’t to be blown off.

  • Mary Jane

    The cookie probably wasn’t even on the ground. It probably belonged to one of the parents, but they didn’t want to admit it. It’s absolutely the parents fault either way. I don’t even keep my Tide pods in reach of my dogs.

  • Betsy

    I’ve raised two kids and neither one of them ever got to hang out unattended in the front of an apartment complex (gotta love that Mexi parenting), or ever got their hands on drugs, booze or any other dangerous substance.

    So crappy parents, an unattended 2 year old (hopefully social services scrutinizing the “parents”) and MJ cookies.

    I would be careful about believing the 2 year old found the pot cookie outside. Potheads don’t spend money on their stuff and leave it laying around on the ground, more like she found it laying around her house. Either way, the parents are responsible for it.

  • Becky Loya

    Wow!!! For all u ignorant ppl saying Mexican parenting…The Ramseys were
    white, Sperling and Baily the 4 little boys who was locked in the closet dirty and starved guess what white. Bad parenting is bad parenting no matterwhat race. I have 3 kids 7-14 that are still not left un attended. Yes a toddler puts everything in the mouth but its the mothers responsibility to know what it is! t

  • Joe

    This is not a race issue, these people want to continue to call this a race thing, it’s bad parenting and the parent should deal with the issue. Why are you so quick to call out the Mexican on this? I agree these borders need to be stopped and the illegals sent back this is coming from a Mexican American Veteran who fought for you freedom, drop the race thing unless you like to feed hate!!!

  • MichelleRBoots (@MichelleRBoots)

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  • Tommy Michaels

    where in the article does it state the child was unattended? Oh that’s right it doesn’t but all the perfect people who stated just that obviously know the circumstances. Typical liberals – lets just believe what the media tells us because it happens to be the truth and if not, let me twist it so it fits my agenda and then its all true. Gotta love America……

  • Marika Dayleyw

    No matter what color you are, why wasn’t the mother outside with her kid. VERO–go back to Mexico. Cause we really don’t want you all here. I see a lot of Mexicans women that don’t care what their kids do, in a store, resturants, etc. More so then whites. But your white sister in-law bet she takes on the Mexicans side right, like black & white mixed they take the black side. You are a racist, cause this person didn’t say about racist at all ! The mother wasn’t around if she was she would of pulled the cookie out of her mouth simple, this proves the mother wasn’t around!, like any other mother would do., when their kids pick up something off the ground. Period.

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