Suspect in Colorado triple murder caught in Oklahoma

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DENVER -- Harry Mapps, the man believed to have shot and killed three people and left them in a burning home in the rural town of Rye in southeastern Colorado, was arrested late Saturday night, the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Mapps, 59, was captured at a motel near Interstate 40 in Roland, Okla., police reported.

Mapps was wanted by the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office on a nationwide warrant for three counts of first degree murder and felony charges of theft, identity theft, forgery, and arson.

Police began looking for Mapps after a Thanksgiving week fire at a home off Highway 165. Firefighters called it “dynamic” and took several hours to put it down. It even flared up again the following morning, firefighters said.

On Thanksgiving Day, police recovered three bodies from inside the home. They were identified as Reginald Tuttle, 51, Kim Tuttle, 55, and their daughter Dawn Roderick, 33.

"The successful outcome of this large-scale manhunt is a testament to the combined efforts of law enforcement across numerous states and jurisdictions." said District of Colorado U.S. Marshal John Kammerzell. "I am honored that the Marshals Service could assist in bringing the alleged perpetrator of this horrific crime to justice."



  • john cook

    Another case which justifies capitol punishments. When the libs have their way and we impose even lighter sentencing, we will soon be inundated with crime and criminals.

    I’m beginning to think Saudi Arabia has the right idea.

    Canon City is full of rabid dogs who deserve to be put down.

  • Jim K

    Excellent! Try him, and if found guilty sentence and execute him without delay. Another case where 25 years of appeals will result in the sitting governor of this state shirking his or her duty? Let’s go with justice this time. Yes Mr. Hickenlooper, this comment is for you.

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