Poll: This is a ‘do-nothing’ Congress

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WASHINGTON -- The worst Congress ever.

That's the verdict from two-thirds of Americans about the track record of the 113th Congress, according to a new national poll. The CNN/ORC International poll released Thursday indicates that nearly three-quarters of the public say this has been a "do-nothing" Congress.

Two-thirds of those questioned said the current Congress is the worst in their lifetimes, with 28% disagreeing.

"That sentiment exists among all demographic and political subgroups. Men, women, rich, poor, young, old -- all think this year's Congress has been the worst they can remember," said Keating Holland, CNN polling director. "Older Americans -- who have lived through more congresses -- hold more negative views of the 113th Congress than younger Americans. Republicans, Democrats and independents also agree that this has been the worst session of Congress in their lifetimes."

According to the survey, 73% say this Congress has so far done nothing to address the country's problems, with one in four disagreeing.

Even though it did pass a budget agreement, fewer than 60 bills have been signed into law during the first year of the two-year-long 113th Congress, according to an analysis by other news organizations as well.

Assuming lawmakers don't pick up the pace next year, and that's a safe bet with 2014 an election year, it will become the least productive Congress in at least four decades.

The poll also indicates there's little optimism for the future.

"Negative attitudes extend to both sides of the aisle: Fifty-two percent believe that the policies of the Democratic leaders in Congress would move the country in the wrong direction; 54% say the same about the policies of congressional Republicans," Holland said.

And 54% say the same thing about President Barack Obama's policies

The poll was conducted for CNN by ORC International on December 16-19, with 1,035 adults nationwide questioned by telephone. The survey's overall sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points.

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  • Rickity

    When you have the worst president of your lifetime it’s only natural to have the worst congress of your lifetime. This starts at the top!

  • Jerrold Carpenter

    Our politicians have lost sight of who they are there for. They are lawyers who think of nothing beyond “CYOA”. Sorry but they sell us out for special intrests, then cover their lies with hundreds of pages of legalese.

  • JC Denver

    Yeah, let’s blame Obama because he has sooo much control over congress. Read the Constitution you idiotic teabaggers. The President has no control over what Congress does Congress is specified in Article I and the President is Article II. They are completely seperate and independant arms of government.

    Learn about how government works then comment. After 40 votes to repeal the ACA; shutting down the government; failing to act on any jobs bill; and causing a debt ceiling crisis (Reagan had 18 unobstructed increases) I say yeah the Republicons have made it the worse congress ever.

  • Gene Brizal

    This s what happens when a president decides to dictate his policies to congress. This administration has become dictatorial in nature, Americans find that abhorant, and will not cooperate. In all actuality, Harry Reid holds the senate by the mebongs by keeping whatever he doesn’t care for, form even being heard on the floor.

  • PatEllen

    GIMME A BREAK! This report is just another example of extremely biased reporting with statistics. I would really like to see as part of this report exactly what scientific model was used to determine the results before I can accept these statistics as a general fact. (Common sense dictates that one should rely only on an independent organization for relatively accurate statistics, and it is very possible that these statistics are simply reflecting back to CNN the numerous times, as I have seen, that they and the general media continually report that we have a “Do Nothing Congress.”) One has to really ‘dig deep’ to learn the truth about the ‘real’ issues.
    RE: DO NOTHING CONGRESS! the Congressional Republicans who disagree with the Democrats on several national issues like”Obamacare” is a very necessary and healthy activity, and it makes sense because of the differences in basic philosophy—Constitutional Republic vs. Socialistic Communism.
    BIASED? The major media often neglects to report the numerous constructive issues actually being handled by Congressmen/women for each state which can simply be obtained by checking records either on line of by other numerous means of communication.

  • DR Commish

    And Harry Reid’s Senate has DOUBLED it’s efforts to diminish, destroy, and demoralize America’s hopes, credibility, morals, and ethics….
    That’s Democrat “Leadership” in a nutshell.

  • john cook

    The wording of the question leaves room for doubt as to the veracity of this poll.

    Perhaps they should ask if this President reminds the people of Adolph

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