Obama signs bills that should avoid government shutdowns for two years

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President Barack Obama signs a bill at his vacation residence in Kailua, Hawaii. (Credit: CNN)

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama signed into law Thursday a budget deal forged by Democrats and Republicans in Congress that puts off the risk of a government shutdown for two years while easing some automatic spending cuts.

Obama also approved a defense spending bill that includes provisions altering the way sexual assaults are handled in the military. The measure also makes it easier to transfer detainees out of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba.

“The continued operation of the facility weakens our national security by draining resources, damaging our relationships with key allies and partners, and emboldening violent extremists,” Obama said in a statement.

The budget deal was crafted by a bipartisan group led by Sen. Patty Murray of Washington state, the Democratic Budget Committee chairwoman; and Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, a Republican who chairs the House Budget Committee.

It outlines federal spending through 2015, meaning the government will remain open for the foreseeable future. A government shutdown at the beginning of October cost the government millions, and left a large swath of the federal workforce at home.

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  • DR Commish

    And…. gave Federal Employees a raise, releases terrorists back into their homelands, reduces Military pensions, military benefits, AND increases taxes on middle class Americans…. YEA!
    He’s probably exhausted….

  • Tom Sanders

    Notice how your biased corrupt newspaper throws in how the last shutdown cost the government “millions” imagine that “millions” like it was the greatest sin on earth but can blow 500 million on solyndra and not one word is mentioned by this corrupt news media. Cancel all subscriptions and boycott all advertisers.

  • fast45

    Finally, something both parties in a divided Congress can agree on … They will continue to spend far more money than they have.

    This, is how to run a government? FIRE every incumbent!

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