UPS backlog means missing Christmas gifts

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DENVER -- UPS spent the day apologizing to customers and playing catch up with deliveries after many spent Christmas without their gifts under the tree.

After giving drivers the holiday off, UPS delivery trucks were back on the road Thursday, in hopes of making up for lost time.

At the UPS customer center in Denver, some customers opted not to wait for home delivery. Evelyn Rael had been anxiously awaiting a gift from her boyfriend since Saturday.

"It didn't make it to my house," Evelyn said. "So I'm here picking it up today."

Rael was one of many people who got a call from UPS saying her package was at the Customer Center and ready for pick up.

"It is frustrating," Evelyn said. "Because I really want to open my Christmas gift."

It was even more frustrating after Evelyn went into the building only to find that her package still wasn't ready.

"They just told me I had to wait 30-40 minutes," she said.

Brittney Palmero said she's been waiting for more than two weeks for the gifts she ordered for her husband.

"I don't know the words to use. That's how upset I am," said Palmero, who ordered more than four hundred dollars of electronics. "I even paid for the expediate shipping through UPS. I have never received one of those packages."

Though several storms did hamper deliveries in December, UPS has admitted that it's network simply couldn't keep up with the huge flood of packages it received prior to Christmas.

Though it didn't make deliveries on Christmas Day, the company did call in added staff to it's hub in Kentucky in order to help sort packages.

Today the company released a statement saying: "UPS apologizes to both shipping and receiving customers who may have delays... We expect all excess volume to be delivered today or tomorrow."

"I've talked to UPS many times and they keep putting me on hold," Palmero said.

Palmero says she still doesn't know where her gifts are, or when they might be delivered.

"I don't even want to order things off of Amazon any more or anywhere that has to do with UPS," Palmero said.

Evelyn did eventually get her package on Thursday evening, despite twice the expected wait at the customer center.

"Almost an hour, yeah, almost an hour, but I'm patient," she said.

Patience is needed when an overnight package takes over six days to arrive.

"I'm just happy I'm done with it," Palmero said.

According to UPS, customers interested in learning the latest about their delayed packages should go to



  • Kris

    Oh how terrible it is for gifts to arrive a few days late. How will we ever recover from this tragedy?

    I can understand being angry over important things like medicine being delayed, but being outraged over gifts is silly.

  • Samuel Hulin

    I worked for UPS during one holiday season years ago. These guys work so very hard this time of year, putting in 12++ hour days, missing weekends and evenings with their families so everyone else can get gifts. I understand this is their job, but they normally do it VERY well. We should be angry at UPS as a company, not the drivers. Have some compassion for these people. Now, as student at a major business school, I see that UPS has damaged not only their own reputation, but that of Amazon and many other online retailers. It will take years for them to reestablish themselves as reliable and trustworthy.

  • Kathie Reynolds

    I had a few packages that did not arrive but it was okay. I had other gifts to give them and just told them that those would be late. They didn’t mind. Thanks for all your hard work all year long.

  • Amanda

    My package didn’t arrive on Christmas but it’s ok nothing to get all upset about, I understand these workers have been working hard and I respect that!!

  • Kim

    I live in an apartment complex that my husband works at and he discovered that the UPS delivery guys were also NOT watching addresses on packages! He was posting some notices and discovered packages JUST left by UPS at a residents door that were addressed to a different resident and unit number. My husband was kind enough to deliver them to the correct place but makes me wonder about other people whose gifts were delivered to wrong addresses and never received them!!!!!

  • Rodney

    It’s not the workers fault who I am sure work hard but it is the fault of UPS and FedEx management for making promises they knew they could not keep. They work very close with these large shippers and should have had measures in place to meet the guarantees made. Amazon guarantees delivery and I decide to add a last minute gift I do expect to receive it on time.

  • Curt

    UPS and FedEx are getting all of the bad press; however, on 21 December, I ordered a Christmas gift with 2-day priority insured mail. The USPS web site says it will be delivered on 26 December; as of 26 December, I still haven’t received it.

  • Curt

    Meant to say the USPS web site says it will be delivered on 24 December vice 26 December … I don’t see an option to edit the post.

  • Jodi

    USPS Priority is not guaranteed; they say 2-3 days but no guarantee. Yes, the UPS drivers work extremely hard this time of year but let’s not forget that they also fatten their wallets with all of the overtime. Most can’t wait for this time of year as even though they miss some family time, it is extremely beneficial to their finances. But with that said, this has nothing to do with the drivers but rather how the company is being managed. Seems online sales is just getting too big for them to handle and they need to step back and analyze what is needed to accommodate this growth. No need to throw rocks at anyone for this… rather learn from it and let’s hope to see the improvements this next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. May you all find lots of peace, joy, tolerance, patience and understanding.

  • john cook

    A “promise made is a debt unpaid.”

    “Sorry don’t get it done.”

    Someone or some company needs to be sued for breach of promise or

    false advertising.

  • Kevin

    The problem with this lady is that her package was attempted at 4:47 christmas eve but the shipper had a bad address, then attempted on the 26th and the buyer was not home to sign, that is why she was at the customer counter picking it up, maybe fox news should get the whole story before putting it out on air.

  • Trish

    I had a package that the tracking said it was delivered to my home. Could not find it, called both UPS and Amazon, was told it would be “investigated” and had shipping costs taken off the package. The next day, my daughter went for a run and stopped by our mailbox, which is one mile from my home (we live in the country) and there was my UPS package in the mailbox. That was just plain laziness on the driver’s part as far as I am concerned. He just did not want to go the extra mile to deliver to my home AND I don’t think they are supposed to put UPS packages in US Postal mailboxes! Certainly not the end of the world, a minor inconvenience but definitely decreased my confidence in UPS and their drivers.

  • pkos

    I ordered a gift online from Kohl’s December 13th. It was scheduled for delivery via UPS on the 24th. It never left their Commerce City facility. I was ok with that because of the Christmas rush. I get it. But I’m still waiting on delivery of my package and the amended delivery date is now “unavailable”. Nice.

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