Stores open on Christmas Day

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DENVER — Some major retailers and restaurants will be open on Christmas Day. Open times and locations vary, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead.

Many Walgreeens and Rite Aid stores will be open Christmas Day, although the pharmacies in each usually have shorter hours than the main store.

If your Christmas food plans go awry, many, but not all, iHop and Denny’s restaurants will stay open Christmas Day.

Buca di Beppo is open Christmas Day as are some Boston Market locations and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Some fast-food restaurants including McDonalds will also open on Christmas. Some Starbucks locations are open on the holiday.

Remember that Christmas is the one day a year Walmart, Target and King Soopers (even the 24-hour stores) are closed.  Some Safeway stores will be open, however, from 8 a.m. till 7 p.m.



  • Jenny

    I think what John is saying is that after we pay for our new health insurance premiums and deductables that Obama has implemented, all we will be able to afford for Christmas dinner is the value meal at McDonalds…more like the dollar menu.

  • Undiers

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  • Harry

    Why are people so opposed to stores open on Christmas?? I shopped at Safeway today…it was GREAT having a store open for last-minute grocery needs!! The staff LOVED working today…they all said they “signed up” for the holiday pay. I hate it when every place is closed…like a ghost town…

  • Jim

    Harry…I work for a grocery store. No one signs up to work that day.
    If you are low in seniority then you get stuck working. The lower senior people are not paid double time and a half. They get an extra dollar. HORRAY to KING SOOPERS for being brave enough to care about its employees and give them one day off to be with family

    • Harry

      Jim — Sorry to hear that the store you work for is so tough on you guys…That is not the case with the folks at the Safeway I talked to yesterday — they were volunteers and they were getting Holiday Pay!! In another life — long ago — I also worked at a major supermarket. We were open 24X7, 365 — staff fought for the right to work the holiday — even the oovernight shift. I LOVED it — 2.5X pay…plus they had HUGE spreads of treats for us all day and night in the breakroom.

  • RSG

    “HORRAY to KING SOOPERS for being brave enough to care about its employees and give them one day off to be with family”

    Yes, it’s the least they could do for making (generally speaking) their lowest-rung employees work on Thanksgiving for NO holiday pay (not even “an extra dollar”). But you won’t hear Kroger corporate communications talk about that; yet Safeway will continue to get dinged for being cold, heartless, insensitive Grinches.

    FWIW, the Safeway I was at on Xmas Day had one of their senior employees working, so I tend to believe ‘Harry”s account that at least some were able to volunteer. I also know that some Starbucks locations which are open 12/25 have volunteer employees.

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