Police arrest suspect after fatal hit-and-run crash

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DENVER — A 37-year-old driving an SUV collided with a van just before midnight Christmas Eve, killing one person, and then ran away from the scene.

The crash happened at 51st Avenue and Peoria Street. Police said the SUV hit a van being driven by a woman and three passengers.

The driver was seriously hurt and three other passengers were taken to the hospital. Wednesday, police said one of the victims had died of their injuries, but they have not yet released any names.

Police arrested Johnny Gilbert on a charge of vehicular homicide, vehicular assault and hit and run. He also had to be taken to a hospital for treatment, police said.



  • Rudy Ray Moore

    Peoria north of 70 is one of the worst sections of Denver, horrific crammed apartments with illegals all over and Johnny Gilberts. Well of course he ran….”sumbuddah stole my car, I had nuthin to do with dat crash”. The Smith Road jail is 12 minutes south of there, all his criplettes got a short drive.

  • jb2000

    hit and run has become an epidemic and should add at least a year mandatory jail time for hit and run regardless of injuries sustained. People these days do not think they are responsible for their actions and need to be! Just another case of no cares for human life. PEOPLE wake up. We are TOTALLY responsible for what we do. Stand up and take it like a MAN!

  • jb2000

    The man is a total coward. period. Stand up for your own actions, good bad or otherwise! Other people should not be paying for your actions. Bailiff slap the man’s poppa!

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