Workers at garbage facility find live puppy stuffed into trash bag

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(Credit: San Francisco Animal Care and Control)

SAN FRANCISCO — It was five days before Christmas, and luckily for Gem the puppy, the creature was stirring on the trash-sorting conveyor belt.

Workers at a trash- and recyclables-sorting facility in San Francisco found the poodle mix in a trash bag among other discarded material Friday evening — just in time, because it was about to drop into a pile bound for a landfill, KTVU reported.

The discovery likely saved the apricot pup’s life.

“We could tell the puppy was still moving, and it was trying to crawl out of the bag itself,” Gregory Foster, a material handler at the Recology facility, told KTVU. “Luckily we stopped the line in time before it actually fell off the belt into the pit.”

The dog, believed to be about 10 months old, apparently was put in a bin of trash that Recology collected and drove to the facility. It was then put on the conveyor belt, where workers separate recyclables from landfill-bound trash, KTVU reported.

The puppy was suffering from what appeared to be animal bites, San Francisco Animal Care and Control said. It had wounds to the neck, head and ears, KGO reported.

The animal control department named the puppy, noting it was a “precious little gem” among the trash, department Capt. Le-Ellis Brown told KGO.

The department said it is trying to determine who the puppy’s owner was, how it was injured and how it got into the trash. Veterinarians will help the puppy heal before it is put up for adoption, KGO reported.

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  • J.J. Zepp

    I hate people sometimes, ugh. I would gladly take the little guy and give as much love and warmth as I could possibly muster. Props to the workers for noticing the wiggle and saving the life.

  • tedd

    They need to track down who did this, stuff them into a bag and toss them out with the garbage. I would think something else in the bag could lead them to the person who did it. Who know what else a loser like this is capable of!!!!

  • Christina

    I am hoping they find some other info. in the trash that leads them to the “owners” and charge them with cruelty to animals and update this posting with their names and pics.

  • Melissa mcfarlon

    This truly breaks my heart that ppl are so sick to do something like this to an animal. My heart breaks. Glad the trash workers saved this little life !

  • KIm

    I know people go through things. I do not understand this kind of thing, no matter what you are going through. Is it just pure evil? What is happening to the human race, have they gone mad. Maybe it has been going on for a while, but, I sure do not remember it this bad. I do not understand why a person could not just leave it at a human society. Why?????? at the dump!!! Why would they want a innocent puppy to endure that. Not much more I can say, it is out of my control, and people will do this and not blink… This is what I do not understand and how they can live with themselves…

  • Rae

    My Heart is saddened , with all the animal abuse…I have 4 rescue dogs, and i can’t tell you how much i love my dogs. ppl that do things like this need to seek help. It’s not normal.

  • theresejbuford (@theresejbuford)

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