Colo. Springs teen mistaken for burglar, shot and killed by stepfather

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A teenager was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being accidentally shot by her stepfather Monday morning, Colorado Springs Police confirmed. Later in the morning, it was confirmed the teen had died of her injuries.

According to a Colorado Springs Police spokesperson, the shooting was reported in a residential area of northeastern Colorado Springs around 6 a.m. on Monday.

Emergency scanner traffic indicated the shooting may have occurred during a home invasion, but later in the morning officers said the shooting was more likely accidental.

Though they did not speak specifically about the nature of her injuries, police confirmed the shooting victim, an unidentified 14-year-old girl, was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries that were life-threatening, and eventually passed away.

No arrests had been made as of Monday morning, with police indicating that all of the involved parties in the shooting had been identified and contacted, and that there was "no reason to believe that there is any danger to the community." Police also did not provide any specifics about why the stepfather had mistaken the girl for an intruder.

The case was expected to be turned over to the district attorney's office after police finished their investigation. At that point in time, a decision will be made about what charges, if any, will be filed against the teen's stepfather.



  • Ana C

    Will you are just so smart! I love how you knew exactley what race they were. Thank You hopefully KDVR gives you a job as a news reporter.

  • David

    It’s so difficult to understand how this can be accidental. How does one mistake their child for an intruder. Unbelievable

  • colleen

    SORRY but I’m lost at how crazies get guns? To shoot your own daughter you must be paranoid as hell that someone is going to break in. You would think you’d say something or confirm your target first.

  • Randi Garske

    Wow! I can’t believe the racist comments. You do know that CS is less than 20% Hispanic which is less than the average for Colorado?

    David, if you’re startled out of a deep sleep, it’s very easy to mistake a family member as an intruder. Happened in my own family – the difference is my dad asked “who’s there?” first and my brother answered him.

  • Amanda Wilmoth

    I hate how everyone is always so quick to judge. Maybe, just maybe, she was sneaking back in the house after sneaking out. Maybe this was just a terrible terrible accident he will have to live with forever. Accidents happen like this all the time, Mike Tyson’s daughter was playing and got caught up in a cord and died. Terrible accidents happen and I hope they never happen to any of you.

  • wyo mountain girl

    So very sad….that’s why I chose a baseball bat for home protection. If someone comes in with a gun, I’ll be dead before I get mine anyway….baseball bat will pretty much assure me I can ID the intruder and never have to worry about a child accidentally firing a home protection gun. My heart goes to the girls mother and family.


    why do people always assume its a mexican? our world is so messed up because people like you! Racist and Ignorant!!!!

  • JustMy2Cents

    She was probably sneaking back in and just caught him off guard. These people are going through enough without judgemential and racial comments.

  • Val

    I don’t recall a “Mexican” being at fault for any of the mass shootings we have had in colorado so why assume right away that they were a Mexican fily. Very sad tragedy but I don’t believe 6am is a time anyone is so stardily awoken to not know who was entering their home. She was 14 does not anyone in their home wake up early?

  • Dustin

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  • Kae Mechiso

    Maybe we should register stupid people instead of guns. Obviously just wearing a sign that stats your stupid is not enough. People that shoot with out identifying their target should not have guns or be allowed to operate machinery.

  • theresejbuford (@theresejbuford)

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  • jeff

    We do not need a safety lesson, what we need is stricter gun laws. Sorry to offend anyone in the NRA, my best friend belongs. Nowhere in the constitution does it say dumb people should be banned from having guns, however it probably should. Stupid hurts twice! This is a prime example of that. Sorry if your life revolves around guns, you may be inconvenienced by longer reporting times, but that may save a life or 7000 or so. We must act before a stupid (or drunk) person kills you “accidently”. Enough is enough. If gun crimes havent touched you yet, they will for sure. The time to act is long overdue!

  • RandallDWorkman@rhyt (@RandallDWorkman)

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  • Charlie4Ever

    “SORRY but I’m lost at how crazies get guns?”

    Most of us get em by becoming police officers.

    Praise Manson.

  • THE_ma

    Teenagers, get home before curfew. CALL your parents if you are going to be late and tell them EXACTLY what time you will be home and then be there, even if you are drunk or stoned. It’s better to be yelled and screamed at than be shot trying to sneak in.

  • PFDR121

    My heart goes out to this whole family, what a tragedy. This man was not a “crazy”. He was military, a loving father, and doing what he thought at the time was protecting that very girl. I personally could not imagine a worse feeling as a father. I’m not a religious man in anyway, but a fellow paratrooper and father. I pray for the family and the father that they make it through this difficult time, this is not something that will leave the heart ever. We love you Monica, and hope you kind find the strength to lead your husband out of this emotional time.

  • Roscoe

    If you step-father took your house key away, it probably means he doesn’t want you coming around anymore. She was probably stealing from him to pay for her drug habit in the first place.

  • Michele

    Another unnecessary tragedy. Child killed for sneaking in. That kind of idiocy may be forgiveable but I sure wouldn’t want to stay married to the paranoid nut who killed my kid. I hope he spends a lifetime in regret, speaking around the country about what an abominable thing he did. May the mother find some peace. Merry Christmas!

  • gunsafetypro

    Get familty hunkered down to a safe room and shout “You’re in my house, I’ve called the police. I have a gun” and wait it out.

    Playing “find the burglar” is generally unnecessary.

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