Suspect arrested in murder of Loveland woman

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LOVELAND, Colo. — Loveland police arrested a suspect early Saturday morning in the murder of local woman Christina Gray, the Loveland Police Department announced.

Officers served a warrant on the home of Leroy Arlen Wallace, 47, about 1:13 a.m., LPD said. He was arrested without major incident.

Wallace was charged with first degree murder and felony stalking in connection with the death of Gray, 42. Two acquaintances found her in her home on Wednesday, dead of blunt force head injuries and strangulation, LPD reported.

Wallace and Gray had been involved in a relationship, LPD reported.

Loveland Police Chief Luke Hecker noted that “the case investigation is not over.” If anyone has information about this case, call the Loveland Police Department tip line at 970-962-2032.



  • john cook

    He needs to get the chair or whatever you Colorado people think you use to execute these killers.

    You all need to rethink the death penalty and do something about all the murder and mayhem taking place in what is an otherwise beautiful state.

    I think the legislature ought to adopt the tejas or Oklahoma death statutes word for word and then put them into practice.

  • no

    i hope this guy rots in hell. this is horrable . she was like an aunt to me .. some people make me absolutely sick to my stomache

  • Travis

    I agree with john on the death penalty issue. But the murder problem is not a Colorado issue its a united states issue. The murder rate here is much higher than other civilized countries. Murder rate here per 100,000 people is 4.7. Japan 0.4, Germany 0.8, Australia 1.0, France 1.1, Britten 1.2. I’ll let you guess what the major difference is between us and those countries. Colorado is 3.1, below the national average. Texas 4.4. So by those statistics the death penalty has no real affect on criminals. Over 500 people have been executed in texas in the last 40 years. While
    Only 1 in colorado. So clearly the death penalty is not the issue here and I do agree more should be executed for violent crimes its not a deterrence to criminals.
    Wonder what the murder rate would be if those countries had more “good guys with guns”
    Arizona who has some of the loosest gun laws is 5.5. What’s next from the freedom fighters? Chicago you say? Illinois 5.8. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws. Except you can drive outside the city limits and still purchase guns. Next let’s arm liberal teachers at least in your mind they will be half good. Hope you didn’t pay for that NRA t shirt you may have to sell it with the fear they have instilled and increased the prices of guns and bullets. Have a nice day

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