Non-profit donates wheelchair to boy who had his stolen

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AURORA, Colo. -- It’s unthinkable.  A heartless thief takes off with a child’s wheelchair.

It happened to an Aurora four-year-old last weekend, but a Centennial non-profit is stepping up to help out the disabled boy’s family.

On Saturday, a thief stole Gavin Serff's wheelchair.

“Somebody went by and took it out of our van. He had just gotten that one donated to him a month prior from Kids Mobility Network,” said Gavin’s adoptive mom Stephanie Serff.

The Kids Mobility Network refurbishes donated wheelchairs and then gives them practically for free to families with little or no insurance.

“Unfortunately, we get this call a fair amount around here,” said Kids Mobility Network founder Peter Kopp.

“I think they’re being recycled as scrap metal, which is unfortunate because a $4,000 wheel chair or more gets recycled for $4,” he said.

Gavin suffers from Lowe Syndrome, which has left him legally blind. But he still sees the freedom only a wheelchair can bring.

“He is such a joy. He’s the joy of our whole house. He’s the youngest of seven,” said his mom.

It’s a large family that would have had to wait as many months for a new wheelchair. Instead, they got one in four days.

“It’s been amazing, having a chair like this for Gavin. We’re just so thankful,” said his dad Ian Serff.

It’s gratitude that runs beyond their family.

“They want what’s best for their kids, just like we all do. To be able to help a family like this is a gift for us too,” says Kopp.

The business doesn’t make a profit.  It relies on the community’s generosity for donations of wheelchairs and money.

Families pay just to recoup the cost of refurbishing the equipment.



  • stopher

    why does this have to be a story. Why cant we make this like a newspaper to your door. This is what we all should do if we can. Pay it forward. Christmas or not common people

  • fast45

    Why does one of these wheelchairs ‘cost’ $4,000? Seriously overpriced, when you can buy a decent used car for that much. Makes me wonder, who the real thieves are.

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