2 arrested after armed robbery in Larimer County

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WELLINGTON, Colo. — Two men have been arrested in connection with an armed robbery that happened in Wellington earlier this month.

Christopher Agnew and Jeffrey Varos both faces charges aggravated robbery and theft charges.

Deputies said they entered the convenience store Dec. 4 and robbed it. One of the suspects pointed a handgun at the clerk, while the other gave instructions.

No one was injured in the robbery.



  • Dave

    Alex just because your wife cheated on you with a Mexican doesn’t make them all bad. White kid with glasses shoots up a school and your stereotyping a Mexican with tattoos white people are the scary people look at statistics

    • Alex

      Test–I said nothing about a wife. You’re thinking about a whole other story. I have 2 ex wives who cheated, but at least they were classy and tasteful enough to not do it with filthy Mexicans. Also, I’m not a Liberal or an extremist. Just a realist. Facts and police records speak loudly. Buenos noches.

  • Test

    “Do people NOT UNDERSTAND that if you commit a crime you are going to get caught and GO TO JAIL?”

    Not always. I don’t know if you remember those jerks who were whacking people with baseball bats while riding around in their Jeep. They never went to jail. Seriously injuring someone out with a baseball bat is supposed to be a crime.

    Larimer County… It’s not California, but we’re trying.

  • Test

    “white people are the scary people look at statistics”

    White extremist liberals, if you’re looking at the statistics…..

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