Sheriff: Arapahoe High shooter planned to attack 5 areas of the school

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CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- The Arapahoe County Sheriff said Tuesday that accused Arapahoe High School shooter Karl Pierson planned to attack at least five different areas of the school.

While examining Pierson after the shooting, investigators discovered he had written five separate letters/numbers on his arm. The numbers correlated to the Library and other parts of the school and appear to show a plan of attack, said Sheriff Grayson Robinson in a statement.

Investigators are now trying to find out specifically why these areas were targeted.

The sheriff also said Tuesday that Pierson was armed with a .12-gauge pump action shotgun, three Molotov cocktails, a machete in a canvas and more than 25 rounds of assorted ammunition. He carried ammunition in two bandoliers that were worn across his chest and waist, Robinson said.


Accused Arapahoe High School shooter Karl Pierson from a Facebook photo.

It's still believed that Pierson acted alone in the shooting, although Robinson said investigators were still looking into whether he may have received help.

The statement also included a more detailed timeline of the shooting. Robinson said Pierson entered the school at 12:33 p.m. through the north entrance.

He "immediately randomly fired the weapon upon entering the high school and then fired a second time, causing serious injury to 17-year-old Arapahoe High School student Claire Davis."

Pierson then fired three additional times without hitting anyone, Robinson said.  He then moved to the Library, which is where Pierson eventually killed himself, deputies said.

Robinson also released an additional detail about Pierson saying the teen had written a Latin phrase "Alea iacta est," which translates as "The Die Has Been Cast" on his forearm in marker.

Shooting victim remains in coma

Meanwhile Pierson's lone victim, Claire Davis, remains in the hospital in a coma.

Friends have organized a fundraiser for her this Friday at Varsity Inn.  According to a Facebook group about the fundraiser, "All donations will be sent to the Arapahoe Donation Fund for Claire Davis at First Bank."

The fundraiser runs from 7 p.m. till closing time.

Friends are also hoping to catch the attention of one of Claire's favorite bands One Direction. They have started a campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #get1DtoClaire to encourage the boy band to visit her.

Pierson's family ‘devastated,’ grieving for victim

Monday, Pierson's family released a statement saying they were "devastated" by the news of the shooting.

In a statement Barbara and Mark Pierson said, “We are shattered by the tragic events that took place on Friday at Arapahoe High School.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Claire Davis and her family.  They, and she, have suffered unimaginably, and we pray for her full recovery.  We also pray for the entire Arapahoe High School community, as we know your lives are forever changed by this horrific event.”

“As parents, we loved our son Karl dearly and we are devastated by what happened Friday.  We cannot begin to understand why Karl did what he did.  We ask for privacy during this unthinkably difficult time and hope that you will respect our need for time to grieve,” the statement said.



  • Dave

    When are you guys going to give this story a rest? Any what about the comment above…..No mention on your part about the schools SRO! Why NOT!!!!!?????

  • Sam

    An ARMED school resource officer (for the libs that don’t know what that is). An ARMED SRO saved lives. BUt… I’m sure if the libs pass another law outlawing 30 round magazines, they’ll sleep better at night. They care little to none about students lives.

  • Kara

    Now is NOT the time to sparking a political debate about guns. There is a 17 year old student fighting for her life. The ARMED SRO officer was an adult, whom I’m sure has had lots of training around appropriate gun use. Hence, the title officer. Leave politics out of this!!

  • Jim

    The SRO is totally approrpiate to mention. President Owe-baah-Mao and the liberal media castigated the NRA for suggesting armed officers and/or teachers with CCW/training could and would prevent or reduce the impact of a school shooter. When this liberal punk kid went to perpetrate his cowardly act, the mere presence of the SRO convinced him to take himself out of our misery.

    This is an “I told you so” moment, be damned if you are going to claim the right to stick your head in the sand and ignore the implications of that. Lives depend on it. Its only a shame that he wasn’t identified as unstable by his actions before he went on his spree and greivously injured this young lady.

    An anti-capitalist Keynesian socialist who hates conservatives – this is practially a profile for these mass shooters – Holmes, Lanza, Loughner. Lots in common in their philosophies, like Karl Marx, Occupy Wallstreet, Obama campaign workers etc. There is your group to watch, there should be plenty fo surveilance video from the OWS demonstrations to identify more of these murderers before they commit their next crime.

  • cardsfan78

    Hear the crickets chirping????….It’s a hard pill to swallow for the lib tards knowing that “we the people” were right all along!!!

  • Gannicus

    @Jim Very well stated sir. Remember when Wayne LaPierre was mocked as “Crazy” by liberal fascists? The same liberal fascists that support gun free zones aka target rich environments.

  • 1oldgoat

    The kid was said to never lose an argument. I guess he just HAD to have the last word on gun control (which he supported). The “progressive liberals” need to tone it down already. They’re raising a new bunch of terrorists willing to die just to make a point!

  • Anne

    You can bet OB is going to take this as an opportunity to push his failed agenda further, of course with little regard to the fact that the fool was probably a devout follower.

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