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Lecture on prostitution lands CU Boulder professor under review

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BOULDER, Colo. - More than a month after showcasing the roles of prostitutes in the United States, a CU Boulder professor is under review for the way she presented the materials to a class on social deviancy.

Professor Patti Adler, a faculty member on the CU Boulder campus since the 1980s, is still employed by the university but is being asked not to teach the course in spring 2014 without a proper review.

"It was very informative but in a way that brought the material of the lecture to life," said Ciara Catalano, a CU junior and a witness to the lecture while a student. The lecture, which sources say utilizes teaching assistants as pretend prostitutes, has been taught for several years. However university officials reported recently receiving a complaint that forced them to order a review on the class.

"It's not the material, it's just the way it was being presented with students portraying prostitutes and the environment that created for those students." said university spokesperson Mark Miller in an interview with FOX31 Denver News on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, an emergency faculty meeting will be held to discuss what options should be taken next. University officials tell FOX31 Denver that a review of the course could occur before the spring semester is set to begin - which could enable Ms. Adler to return to the classroom in January.

Late Tuesday, Patti Adler replied to a FOX31 email request for comment but stressed she's been overwhelmed with the support and unable to discuss her plans at this time.



  • Sysko

    @Joe. Where does the Patriot Act come into play here? Seems to me more like our culture of protecting everyone’s feelings is hampering freedom of speech. You can’t say what you think because someone else will get offended, and Heaven forbid we offend someone…

  • Katie

    wow that’s just stupid to try and change the way you teach good lord like it’s not like we don’t see hookers and pimps and more on TV alone as it is like hello your in college not middle school if you can handle the lecture someone needs help she did nothing over the top the class is called social deviancy in society and I think portraying what shes talking about is a vital way to get a message across good for her for showing a lecture in more than just words

  • broncos1

    It is more the new attitude of “Political Correctness” that is interfering with our freedom of speech!! No matter what you say-it can offend someone and they can complain!! Get over it people!!! And if you are uncomfortable with the visual aides–talk to the teacher first!! Do Not go running behind a persons back and trying to shut them down without first getting your and their thoughts on the matter!! I am just sick of the way this country has become such a sissy state!!

  • Jen

    I get being asked to participate as an assistant teaching assistant, but I don’t think that should expose them to having their picture taken in these roles and potentially shared widely. This is part of their job, but they are also students at the same school.

  • Denver Witness

    Who complains about something like this… OH, someone who just wants attention to be a “good religious soul” or someone who is in desperate need for attention themselves. Either way, it’s annoying to have to bring our attention this uselessness when the right-wing agenda allows guns in the hands of children to blow up schools.

    Your choice. What do you want to focus on? Real problems or BS brought to your awareness to distract you from REAL problems…


  • Denver Witness

    Sally Harper… what’s your personal “beef” with the teacher? You clearly have issue with the woman and not the classroom activities.

    Or you’re just a 14yo who is trying to say some naughty things on the net to get a giggle…

    I’m 50/50 of your intent

  • Wargarball!

    So what degree could this class be for? I’m guessing it is just showing the future degree holders another possible line of employment, since there degree will either get them a job as a barista or a place in the unemployment line. You know, since they will need to pay back their student loans.

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