Deaf father hears daughter’s voice for first time

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ST. PETERS, Mo. -- A Missouri man who has been deaf for 50 years was able to hear his daughter sing recently.

Ken Stehle received a new hearing aid that includes a receiver he wears around his neck. His daughter, Ashley, can then wear a microphone that transmits her voice to his hearing aid, reported KSDK.

As Ashley prepared for the annual Christmas concert at her high school on Sunday, her music teacher offered her the chance to do her first solo.

Ashley chose the song "Daddy Please Come Home For Christmas" and practiced for days.  This Sunday was the concert and Ken Stehle was able to hear his daughter for the first time.

"He was just closing his eyes and listening to my voice. He didn't really care if he was seeing me because he has always seen me, he wanted to hear me and that was just awesome," she said.

"It's amazing, I had goose bumps all over me. I'm very proud of my daughter," Ken Stehle said.