Apps help you navigate holiday shopping mania

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Holiday shopping can be insane.  Sometimes simply parking seems like an impossible feat.  If you're shopping downtown at the 16th Street Mall, you're in luck.  An app called ParkMe can help you find a parking spot before you even leave your house.  Load up the app and zoom into downtown.  You'll see parking areas color coded by price.  Some lots show availability and others will even let you save a spot before you get there.  ParkMe is free and available on both iPhone and Android.

ParkMe isn't available for mall parking but at least one mall in the Denver metro will help you track down your car when you are done shopping.  FlatIron Crossing in Broomfield has a new version of its' mobile app that was just launched in the Fall.  When you park your car you can save your location via GPS, a picture, voice notes or by typing in a few quick notes.  When you finally leave the insanity of holiday shopping, load up the app and it'll guide you right back to your car.  Never do the "confused parking lot stroll" again.

The FlatIron Crossing app also acts as a personal shopping assistant.  You can type in the item you are looking for and it'll show you which stores sell it.  It even plots out directions from your current location to the store you want to go to next.  It's like a GPS for the mall.

The FlatIron Crossing app is free.  The newest version if only on iPhone and a spokeswoman for the mall says they plan to update the Android version early next year.

Most shopping malls offer some type of app so make sure you search for your favorite mall in the app store on your smartphone before you venture into madness of holiday shopping.

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