Airport security guard makes last-second catch of falling baby

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POLAND — An airport security guard with some impressive reflexes saved a toddler from falling off a table while at a security checkpoint.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the guard caught the child with his fingertips just before the boy crashed onto the floor.

The boy had been placed on a table just behind an x-ray machine by his father who was collecting his belongings. The toddler leaned forward and fell off.

“I noticed the child was sitting on the table and he looked a bit off balance, and then he began to fall forward,” said Grzegorz Paczek, the guard who saved the boy. “I was standing four to five meters away and I realized I had no chance of stopping him fall so I just threw myself along the ground with my arms outstretched. It was an instinctive reaction.”

For his quick moves, Paczek was rewarded with a special Christmas bonus.


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  • Doug

    Best part is the guy takes the child away from the security guard after he catches the toddler and then replaces him back onto the table, then the security guard takes the child away. Parent FAIL.

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