Colorado moms demand action on guns after latest school shooting

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DENVER -- Colorado moms are strengthening their fight against gun violence with a push for lawmakers to put stronger regulations in place.

The “No More Silence” campaign is marked by television ads and rallies designed to raise awareness and spur community involvement.

Nearly 200 children have been killed by gunfire over the past year since the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Jennifer Hope is the leader of the Colorado chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.  She says the violence at Sandy Hook, Arapahoe High School and at the Aurora theater is a wake-up call. The organization is demanding stricter background checks and other measures to control access to guns.

“Our legislators have been brave  and have enacted terrific new gun laws for Colorado we need to stand behind them,” Hope said.

Gun rights advocates say they will continue to push for less regulation.

“The conversation we need to be having is not about taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens but how we can get more good guys (with guns) in our schools and make them more secure,” Tony Fabian of the Colorado State Shooting Association said.

The Moms Demand Action organization is also dedicated to supporting those touched by gun violence. Megan Sullivan, who lost her brother Alex in the Aurora theater shootings,  offers words of support for families traumatized by the shooting at Arapahoe High School.

“That sense of security is lost at school, but they will regain that it’s a matter of time,” she said.

You can watch the  “No More Silence” ads (produced by Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns) here:

For more information about Moms Demand Action you can visit their website,



  • Dan Lu

    I say put those security pods that we have heard about being put into airports. It’s a entrance that will seal you inside the POD, if guns are detected. preventing you from entering the school. Also there should be at least 2 people in the school armed. Principle and another trusted person. Let’s get some ex military fresh from Iraq in there. The Moms Demand Action trusts the soldiers. Give these guys jobs doing something that reflects the experience gained over the last 10 year war. Banning firearms or limiting magazine capacity is not the answer. The guns are out there and have been for far to long for you to have any hope of a complete ban. And since there has been no Federal registration to date no one knows who has what anyway. I say fortify the gun free zones. Cops ex military personal dressed in a recognizable outfit. “Blue Polo style with a armored vest on under it. and tactical black pants.” But make it a official uniform that is recognizable but hard to copy. Cant let shooters get the wise Idea to dress like the Security.

  • Roscoe

    The TRUTH being, is that MORE Colorado moms voted to remove the 0bama anti-Constitution anti-2nd Amendment bobbleheaded Democrats from office … and they’ll be back in 2014 to clean up even more of the mess !

  • Msm

    Target the motivate of these shooters. Our economics and culture defaults to violence as a solution is the problem. Why did the only solution this kid came up with was attempting a mass killing the answer to quell his rage?

    Why did the Sandy Hook killer need to bring his rage to a school of elementary kids? I do not own a gun but I know how to fire one. I do not want to ever get caught in the middle of a fire fight between a mentality unstable individual and an arm chair novice.

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