Andy Kerr tapped to replace Hudak as Senate Education Chair

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Sen. Andy Kerr, D-Lakewood, will replace former Sen. Evie Hudak as chairman of the Senate Education Committee.

DENVER — Senate Democrats are set to announce Monday that Sen. Andy Kerr will replace former Sen. Evie Hudak, who resigned her seat last month to avoid a recall election and preserve her party’s one-seat majority in the chamber, as the chairman of the Senate Education Committee.

Kerr, D-Lakewood, is a part-time social studies teacher who is facing a tough reelection bid next year.

Kerr was chosen over Sen. Mike Johnston, D-Denver, a former teacher and principal who also sits on the committee.

Johnston will continue to serve as chair of the Senate Finance Committee, a post he’d have had to give up to head the education committee.

Johnston, who sponsored last year’s re-write of the School Finance Act and led the unsuccessful campaign this fall to pass Amendment 66, a proposed $950 million annual income tax hike to fund a new education funding model, is recognized as a passionate, tireless education advocate.

But his sponsorship of 2009’s Senate Bill 191, which tied teacher tenure and compensation more closely to student achievement, and his close ties to the education reform movement put him squarely at odds with the Colorado Education Association, the state’s biggest teachers union, and with some Democratic lawmakers, including Hudak, who adhere more closely to the union agenda.

Before Hudak’s resignation, the conservative blog Colorado Peak Politics wrote about a rumor that the lawmaker would only consider stepping down, thereby avoiding the threat of a recall and preserving Democratic control of the Senate, if Senate leadership agreed not to appoint Johnston to replace her as Senate Education chair.

That rumor has not been confirmed.

Incoming Sen.-Elect Rachel Zenzinger, who was appointed to fill Hudak’s seat by a vacancy committee Tuesday night, will also be appointed to serve on the Senate Education Committee.



  • fast45

    “Senate Education Chair” ??? Surely that’s code for something else … otherwise it is hilarious! Education abut what? How to be more homosexual … how to ban more guns and get more people killed in gun free zones … how to disrespect the will of the voters … what? Replacing that Mrs. Doubtfire lookalike must be a career highlight for him.

  • Red Dawn "WOLVERINES"

    Oh Joy another commie mysoginist pole smokin democommie gun grabber. Just a friendly reminder to all gungrabbers. Remember Johnny Morsi, Giron and fat nasty mysoginist commie Evie. You all got sent packing to your new job flippin burgers at Mick Dougs. I worked on the recall Hudak campaign, we only needed 18900 sigs and collected 26000 from americans tripping over themselves to slam Jabba the HutDak Evie. Freedom Loving americans are gonna sweep republicans in by the bushel load in 2014 and 2016. and send gungrabbers and marxist democrats out the door. In the last 3 colorado recalls its Red White and Blue Patriots 3 gungrabbers zip. Bloomberg eat it and

  • A good conservative is one that dies from cancer

    And you worthless conservative vermin lost 4 recalls in RI. You worthless right wing gun huggers will be thrown out in 2014. You right wing vermin are an extreme minority and as I said many times before, only good conservative gun nut is one that dies of cancer. hahaha

  • Red Dawn "WOLVERINES"

    To a “good conservative” All lib lab, progressive marxists gungrabbers like Giron, Feinstein, Bloomberg, Morse and Hudak are like mindless little drone ons like the Borg in Star Trek. In the Imortal words of Lt. Worf to the Borg” ” ASSIMILATE THIS”. The voters in colorado are going to be like phasers and photon torpedos to the demorat gungrabbers in Nov 2014.

  • A good conservative is one that dies from cancer

    Red dawn, you are vermin. I hope you and your loved ones die of cancer. CO is a blue state you ignorant POS. We will defeat you radical right wing gun huggers.

  • Red Dawn "WOLVERINES"

    too lil good conservative I heard you , Morse, Hudak, and Giron and Bloomberg all think you are legends in their own little minds. By the way you might wanna crawl out of mommie dearest’s basement sometime and put two and two tgether and sy gee if Morse and Girons Gun grabbing and not listening to their constituents was so popular why
    A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE FOR MORSE or GIRON did not bother to show up to the polls and vote to keep em in. Same with fat nasty evie why if she thought that she was so popular and had nothing to worry about in facing the voters she wimped, weaseld and cowered out and threw herself on her patrick swayze autographed North and South Sword and resigned. Oh congratulations I heard you and john morsi got hired to be the head fdgepkers at the Keebler elf cookie factory. HO HO HO

  • A good conservative is one that dies from cancer

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  • Red Dawn "WOLVERINES"

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