Denver Council votes to decriminalize pot possession for adults 18-21

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DENVER -- January 1 is getting closer and closer and officials are still dealing with a number of issues related to how to regulate and police legal marijuana.

The Denver City Council voted Monday to decriminalize pot possession for people between the ages of 18 and 21, who are subject to jail time under current statutes.

The vote was unanimous.

Violators of marijuana possession laws in this age group will face fines rather than jail time and permanent convictions on their records, the same penalties applied to people over the age of 21.

"As a criminal offense, it will stay on your record," said District 8 Councilman Albus Brooks, who sponsored the ordinance. "When you try to get a job, when you try to go on in life.

"Just because they did something silly, which a lot of us have done, we don't want that to ruin them for the rest of their lives."

Under the ordinance, everyone over 18 who is caught possessing marijuana -- it's only legal for those over 21 -- will be subject to fines that ratchet up from $150 for the first offense to $500 for the second offense and $999 for the third and any subsequent offense.



  • DR Commish

    As long as the “smokers” can still be held responsible for the consequences of any of their “actions” while participating in their lifestyle choice….

  • douganator

    Way to go DCC!

    The one thing most Colorado adults can agree on when it comes to
    this topic is the “weed decision” is an “adult decision”. No ands,
    ifs or buts about it. There has to be a cut-off point somewhere
    and the cut-off point must have some teeth ($) in it.

    If Colorado’s implementation guidelines included letting minors
    smoke weed, I would pull my support in a heartbeat. It’s tough
    enough growing up these days with all the extraneous “adult topics”
    being thrown around everywhere. Kidds have a right to grow up sober
    so I see this as a good thing.

    BTW, where is the big strapping fine for any adult that makes a
    straw purchase for a minor? I’m thinking no less than 5K fine and
    some jail time for starters. FMPOV, I would like to see the straw
    weed purchase issue meet with a firm NO.

    Again, thank you DCC – keep hitting the home runs!

  • Jay

    @douganator – This article is about ADULTS who are 18-21 yrs old who in my opinion are being unfairly punished if they are caught with or using MJ. Under no circumstances is anything implying that children will be given MJ.

  • Patrick

    according to the goverment when you are 18 you are an adult you can sure join the armed forces at 18 then you should be able to smoke pot. i think if you are good enough to go to war at 18 then you should be able to smoke. where does these gov officals get the right to tell an adult what to do with there lives we are supposed to be a free country right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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