Supporters in Colorado, across internet hold out hope for Arapahoe High victim Claire Davis

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Claire Davis remained in critical condition Sunday. (Credit: Davis family)

DENVER -- As 17-year-old Claire Davis remained in a coma Sunday, two days after a shooting at Arapahoe High School, people around the state and across the internet searched for ways to show their support.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper visited the Davis family at Littleton Adventist Hospital for a second time on Sunday morning, a spokesman said. He spent a short time with the victim’s parents, but was not able to see Claire.

In a statement Sunday evening, the Davis family said Claire was stable but in critical condition.

"The first responders got Claire to the right place, at the right time, and the doctors and hospital staff are doing a wonderful job taking care of her," the statement read. "We appreciate your continued good thoughts and prayers, and will provide updates as her condition improves."

Meanwhile, participants in an Interscholastic Equestrian Association horse show in Sedalia showed their support with purple ribbons and other items on Sunday. Davis is a member of the youth equestrian sports group, a member said.

Numerous vigils, rallies and prayer gatherings around Centennial were also set for Sunday. On Saturday, about 500 people attended a candlelight vigil near the school.

But the support wasn’t limited to Colorado. On Twitter, thousands of people jumped aboard the #Get1DtoClaire effort. The campaign aims to bring the English-Irish pop band One Direction, of which Davis is a fan, to her bedside.

It was not clear just how realistic the effort was, or if the band had responded.

Davis was shot at close range during Friday’s shooting. Police believe a fellow senior at the school, 18-year-old Karl Pierson, launched the suicide attack because he was angry at a school staff member.

Davis was the only victim hurt in the incident.



  • Larry Robinson

    I agree with Marys comment but would also like to add that all school should have ALOT of camaras and also melal detectors in place and have even 1 person montoring those camaras at all times like department store do. Our thoughts and prayers be with the families…

  • Steve T.

    ALL schools could afford an armed guard at an entrance if school employees stopped STEALING money or spending it on COSTCO MEMBERSHIPS. RIDICULOUS!!!!!

  • Jim

    @ Alexis. What a stupid thing to suggest! Maybe they should ban bombs/molotov cocktails as well… wait, those are already banned but were used anyway. Not to mention, Colorado legislators just passed a handful of useless legislation aimed at preventing these scenarios. When will you idiots ever get it through your thick skulls that all the laws in the world are not going to prevent the evil deeds of determined people. Madam, your thought processes are defective.

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