VIDEO: Former student comes face to face with Arapahoe High School shooter

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CENTENNIAL, Colo. --  Typically when you drive through this area near Arapahoe High School, you see happy students grabbing a yogurt or a burrito.  That used to be Tait Priser – one of last year’s graduates.  He still loves this school – but he hates what happened there today.

Priser just wanted to visit his old school. He was catching up with friends, when the world spun out of control.

Priser told us how he and his friends came face to face with the shooter, now identified as Karl Pierson, 18. Pierson wore a black mask and hoodie, Priser said.

On instinct, tait and his friend dove into the nearest classroom. His first thought – where to hide – and could the shooter get in.

They pulled a magnetic strip designed to lock the door in case of emergency.

Frantically, he and other students texted classmates and loved ones. Priser tried to reach his two cousins, and friends carolling in the halls, also in the building – then, he called his mom.

The students, crammed behind every possible cover, searched out possible escape plans. Then, they heard police.

“We didn’t realize what had happened,” Priser said. “We’d already been shot at ... and then they open the door and there’s big guys with guns, and then there’s blood all over the floor from the people that they’d taken out.

Tait spent the afternoon interviewing with police – and joining other students in thousands of messages, saying Warriors always take care of each other.



  • Liberal Sanity

    We never see these crazed white kid shootings at schools like Gateway High and Central High, so its obvious that Arapahoe county needs to integrate the lower income students into the upper income schools like Arapahoe High, and bus AHS students to the lower income high schools to integrate these violent white kids into the peaceful Democratic lower income areas so they lose their rage and learn that life is about contributing to the commune; instead of reaching for this false alpha #1 Me Me Me selfish capitalist mentality. Integrate now and end the violence!

  • What do you say, darling?

    Oh shut up Liberal Sanity. I suspect you’re being satirical, if so, then good job, you’re good at it.

  • Ana C

    Liberal Sanity it was just a spoiled kid throwing a temper tantram. That took somebody life. Its not about a race or who has money. In reality its about parent not being proactive in a childs life. Stricter gun laws will not help when parents stop being scared to dicipline there kids or teachers are allowed to take control of there class rooms with out fear of something happening then there will be some change.

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