Republicans, Democrats welcome Rachel Zenzinger to state senate

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Former Chief Justice Michael Bender administers the oath of office to new state Sen. Rachel Zenzinger, D-Arvada, Friday morning on the senate floor.

DENVER — In the final official session of the state senate of a year that was as bitterly partisan and divisive as any in recent memory, Democrats and Republicans joined together in welcoming their newest colleague, Sen. Rachel Zenzinger, Friday morning.

Zenzinger, D-Arvada, who was appointed by a vacancy committee Tuesday night to replace Sen. Evie Hudak in Senate District 19, took the official oath of office on the senate floor from Michael Bender, the former Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court.

Zenzinger, 38, called the moment “the culmination of a lifelong dream.”

She and other lawmakers also took the moment to recognize Hudak, who resigned on Nov. 27 to avoid a potential recall election and to preserve the Democrats’ one-seat Senate majority.

Sen. Bill Cadman, the Republican leader, even began his remarks by thanking Hudak for her contributions to the state.

“We thank you for your service,” Cadman said. “And we will miss you.”

Democrats also lamented the circumstances that brought about Zenzinger’s appointment, but praised her as a solutions-oriented leader in welcoming her to the chamber.

“Sen. Zenzinger brings significant talent to the Colorado Senate,” said Senate President-Elect Morgan Carroll, D-Aurora. “While the circumstances that brought us here were disappointing, I am proud of the way our Senate Democratic team has pulled together. We are stronger than ever, and ready to welcome Sen. Zenzinger and build a stronger Colorado.”

Sen. Mary Hodge, D-Brighton, was one of the few Senate Democrats to endorse a candidate for the vacancy, touting Zenzinger, who served as her aide after the death of her son a few years ago.

On Friday, Hodge went to the well, said a quick “welcome” and embraced Zenzinger in a long hug.

Zenzinger, whose husband and two young daughters attended the ceremony, told reporters about her passion for education.

She was born in Montrose on Colorado’s Western Slope and was elected to a second term on the Arvada City Council last November. She ran unopposed and simultaneously managed Hudak’s tough 2012 reelection campaign.



  • DR Commish

    When you hear….”Passion for education”…. from a Liberal…. You can be confident that they really mean….”to further the indoctrination of disdain, for the United States, as it was founded, in the minds of your children.”….And to fleece the citizenry of as much tax-payer money as they can, through union thuggary and intimidation.
    Just sayin….

  • Eric Ernst

    …ah! the brain dead “a good conservative” cretton is on the loose.again. Must be one of Obummer’s leaches on society. ALL the time to sit home, collect welfare,food stamps and spew their incredibly assinine remarks.
    what goes around, comes around. REMEMBER THAT, when you or a family member is dying from cancer.

  • Eric Ernst

    Zenzinger had better have learned from her predicessors sins…
    OR she will be the next to go. As is, she is gone in 2014 …along with all the liberal loosers and their warped agenda!

  • A good conservative is one that dies from cancer

    The POS conservative losers will be kicked out of office in 2014. Good conservatives are ones that die of stage 4 cancer.

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  • john cook

    The law needs to be changed to allow for special elections, paid for out of the resignee’s party’s funds, instead of the corrupt method they currently employ.

    This has all the hallmarks of a Stalinist in the making.

    And to the evil twit who is on here wishing cancer on people, aside from being a typical libtard, I have to inform you that I will live to do it on your grave.

  • fast45

    “Hi Rachel … glad you’re here. Don’t get too comfy because you are a temporary fix for Jabba the Hutdak.”

    ‘Wonder what the Las Vegas over-under might be, on her political lifespan?

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