Instagram Direct adds private messaging to social media app

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Millions of us have grown to love sharing pictures and short videos on Instagram and now the social media network is adding a new feature, private messages.
I’m on Instagram too!

Instagram Direct is the new feature that allows you to send photos and videos to up to 15 friends privately.  You can see who has viewed the private post and read comments from your friends.

The Instagram app looks the same but you'll notice a few changes.

Direct tab

When you are on the page where you type your message you'll notice a "direct" tab at the top of the screen.  Tap that and you can select who you would like to send the message to even if you're not following that person.  That's it.  It's actually very simple.

Direct Inbox

There's a new icon on the main feed page of Instagram, the direct inbox icon.  Tap into that section and you can see Instagram direct posts sent to you.  Again, it's pretty simple.

Overall, the new direct feature adds a touch of complexity to Instagram but they also did a good job of keeping the new feature out of the way for people who want to stay old-school.

You can download the new Instagram app for iPhone and Android right now.

P.S. I'm on Instagram too!