17-year-old critically injured in Arapahoe High School shooting; student gunman dead

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CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- A student with a shotgun walked into Arapahoe High School just before noon Friday, apparently targeting a staff member, and shot a fellow student before turning the gun on himself, sheriff's deputies said.

Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson said the gunman, identified as 18-year-old Karl Halverson Pierson, entered the school from the western entrance and immediately asked for a teacher.

When the teacher heard the student was looking for him, he left the school -- an act Robinson said was "tactically the most important decision he could have made."

"He took himself away from the school in an effort to get the shooter away as well," Robinson.

While the exact motive for the shooting is not yet known, Robinson said it appears the gunman wanted revenge against the teacher "because of a confrontation or a disagreement between the shooter and the teacher."

For reasons that are still not clear, the gunman then opened fire, hitting one fellow student.

Robinson said the gunshot victim, 17-year-old Claire Davis, was taken to Littleton Adventist hospital in serious condition.  After surgery her condition worsened to critical condition.

Two teens were taken to Swedish Medical Center, where they were listed in good condition.Those victims suffered panic attacks and other non-physical problems, and one was released from the hospital about 5 p.m.

There was some confusion, as one victim had another person's blood on her body, the sheriff said.

The suspected shooter, a senior, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside a classroom about 20 minutes later, Robinson said.

The gunman made no attempt to hide the shotgun while he was inside the school, Robinson said.

In addition to the shotgun, authorities found 2 explosives that Robinson described as Molotov cocktails. One of them had detonated inside the school, he said.  The second bomb had been safely contained.

Local and federal investigators gathered outside what is believed to be the shooter's Highlands Ranch home Friday night where they waited for a search warrant before expanding their investigation there.

Some students told their parents that they heard as many as six gunshots fired inside the school.

Paramedics and police rushed to the school, which is located at the intersection of South University Boulevard and East Dry Creek Road.

After the shooting, the school resource officer activated what police call the active shooter protocol -- rushing toward the gunfire to stop the violence.

Students are led out of Arapahoe High School during an active shooting situation on Dec. 13, 2013.

Students are led out of Arapahoe High School during an active shooting situation on Dec. 13, 2013.

The school was then meticulously evacuated. Students were brought to the track field, searched and then bussed to Shepard of the Hills Church under armed guard.

Dozens of students could be seen walking away from the school, with their hands in the air. Some stood in lines at what appeared the high school track field, where they appeared to be undergoing police pat-downs.

Anxious parents rushed to the church looking for their son or daughter.

There are about 2,200 students at Arapahoe High School.  The school is just eight miles away from Columbine High School, the site of another tragic shooting that left 13 dead in 1999.

Gov. John Hickenlooper said Arapahoe High is part of a "good school district" that is now dealing with a the "all too familiar situation of gunshots, and parents running to the school and the horror."

Students describe hearing gunfire, hiding

Student said they had been trained to move to corners of classrooms where they would not be visible.

Colton Powers said he heard gunfire while in his English class. His teacher turned off the lights and locked the door, Powers said.

Arapahoe High School shooting 10

Shocked students are reunited with their families at Shepard of the Hills Church.

"We ran to a corner so they couldn't see us," Powers said. "I'm just glad to be here with my mom."

"It's hard to see this happening again," Powers' mother said. "It's a terrifying experience as a parent. This is the last thing you ever want to go through."

"You think it's a drill at the beginning," said James Dalrymple. "It's surreal."

Ninth-grader Whitney Riley was getting ready to grab her computer from her locker when the shooting began.

"We were having fun and laughing and then, all of a sudden, we heard a really loud bang," the 15-year-old said.

"My teacher asked what it was and then we heard two more and we all just got up and screamed and ran into a sprinkler system room."

Area schools go on lockout

Multiple schools in the metro area were placed on lockdown or lockout after the shooting as a precaution.

All Littleton schools were placed on lockdown (meaning classes would be stopped) and that Cherry Creek and Elizabeth schools were placed on lockout (meaning doors were locked, but classes resumed as normal).

Douglas County School District said its schools had been placed on lockout, as well.



  • Zarus

    About 15 years ago I had accepted a consultant position with MCI in Colorado Springs, my daughter at that time was in 6’th grade. The first day at school my daughter came home from school, she had been threatened, sexually , verbally assaulted. The situation was very serious. The next day I went to the school and spoke with the principal who proceeded to defend his precious school, his position. That day , my daughter called me from school, frightened and in tears. I did not send my daughter back to that hell hole, made certain the principal of that “school” knew what my position was. I was then harassed by the “school staff”, received threatening letters which demanded that I send my child back to their school of young criminals or they would sic CPS on me and my child would be taken from me. I ignored them, relocated to a lower income area of the city , a smaller school , the school , it’s staff and the children were normal , all behaving as one would expect. 6’th graders behaving like 6’th graders, not sexual perverts, teachers and admin staff behaving like one would expect. Lol! The other school continued to send threatening letters to me, claiming that my child would be taken from me, for 3 months these fools did this. The difference between the 2 schools? The school of criminals was located in area infested with libs, the school of sanity was located in a area that was conservative. Why one would ask does that make a such a difference, because, no matter their income level, conservatives have morals, ethics and values. Conservatives do not condone nor excuse criminal behavior.

  • CA0646

    Don’t look for a motive.
    Look for the cause – bad parenting
    I grew up with guns in the home and attentive parents.

    What is an “armed school resource officer”
    – would this be an armed citizen . . . .
    – certainly NOT a police officer otherwise you would have said so.

    Over in seconds with an armed citizen.
    Over in minutes after the police lock everyone inside.

  • Liberal Sanity

    We never see these crazed white kid shootings at schools like Gateway High and Central High, so its obvious that Arapahoe county needs to integrate the lower income students into the upper income schools like Arapahoe High, and bus AHS students to the lower income high schools to integrate these violent white kids into the peaceful Democratic lower income areas so they lose their rage and learn that life is about contributing to the commune; instead of reaching for this false alpha #1 Me Me Me selfish capitalist mentality. Integrate now and end the violence!

    • Zarus

      Given my daughters exp in Colorado’s rich district I would agree. Problem is decent kids can’t deal with the rich lib hoods, they aren’t raised to deal with such violence and corruption. Best the rich lib kids stay away from decent lower income children. The assaults on my daughter were assaults one who expect from adult perverts not kids. My suggestion would be, keep the rich lib kids away from the lower income conservative schools. In truth, I think the parents should be thrown in prison and the kids in detention centers to protect the innocent.

      • Roy

        Maybe grades 6 -12 should just stay home and get home schooled or use a computer to receive an education.Just make sure they get a positive education and not more negative indoctrination. Teaching children that America ,capitalism,corporations ect are evil is not helping them.If anyone is angry and bitter they should get help – ” anger turned inward results in depression ” In other words if we have angry parents and teachers we will have angry and depressed children.Too many of us become lost and selfdestructive at an early age , anything can happen when anything goes and it’s not really all good in the good or anywhere else .Actions have consequences get over your love for stuff and learn to love and protect all people .If you care about children stop teaching them to be angry,bitter and envious towards others.Remember when the big guy said if they bring a gun we’ll bring a knife maybe a kinder gentler leader would have said if they bring a brain I’ll bring a good heart and maybe God could give us all more compassion ,better judgement and some good old common sense.Until then I guess we’ll continue our spiral towards chaos and LOCKDOWN!!!!!!

      • Roy

        All IM really trying to say is that there are many factors that lead to a suicidal murderer and to continue to blame guns and to try to pass more restrictive gun laws is not only a waste of time ,but is just an age old political trick by a party who continues to insist that every problem can be solved by raising taxes and creating more regulation.How about just enforcing the laws we already have and stop all the phony lecturing.If you have to blame someone,blame the criminals and those who seek to corrupt and control us all.IM just tired of the media and anyone else who will only tell half the truth ,the part that makes them look good and anyone who disagrees bad.we deserve the truth ,the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God!!!!

  • Bleys

    I am saddened by any loss of gun violence, and pray for the safe keeping and recovery of Claire Davis. I am a legal gun owner, and for people like me, it really strikes at our hearts – obviously not as much as the families of the victims – but it hurts us as well. It is so difficult to witness an innocent taken from us no matter the manner (I lost a daughter in a car accident, the driver she was with was speeding), so I know the pain of loss.

    But please do not blame the object; blame the person. I cannot blame the 2012 Mustang or Ford Motor Co. for the death of my daughter, I blame the driver of the vehicle.

    I don’t blame the UAW for building the car, I don’t blame the government for allowing the car on the road. It was the fault of the driver.

    I do not blame his parents, siblings or kin for the loss of my beautiful daughter. It was, and always will be, the fault of the driver.

    Had she been lost to a weapon, I would still feel the same way, it was the PERSON, not the object that took my daughter.

    PEOPLE are violent, and sometime use objects to commit violence. Blame and punish the PEOPLE.

    When, Oh When will we ever learn that morality cannot be legislated. It can only be learned in schools with Judeo/Christian beliefs, in churches, and most importantly at home with two loving and caring parents than can express proper morals and ethics to their children.

    This is where we in American have gone wrong. This is why we have the violence of today. We have no moral or ethical compass.

  • A Yeehawd

    Metal detectors are worthless unless you have armed security. If you don’t think the shooter/student doesn’t know metal detectors are there then you are as crazy as they are. You think they will just walk through and say ‘oh, here’s my guns and bombs, you can have them’, no, they will enter shooting.

    Will unarmed personnel forcibly take the weapons from a shooter?

    This wasn’t a ‘scary assault rifle’ wielding shooter, no, a legally purchased shotgun…along with the molotov cocktails and a machete. Obviously he was mentally disturbed…once again. You can bet, just like Lanza in Newtown, he would have put his hands on a weapon somehow.

    My children are more important than anything else in my life. I carry and have firearms in my home (secured) and hate the fact that I take them to a place (school) every day that is not secure in any way.

    Like fish in a barrel and everyone should want something better for their children. You can click your heels together and wish that they will be safe and deranged people will leave them alone but me, I’d rather not leave things to wishful thinking.

  • fast45

    Let’s ask those Newtown teachers just how well it works, to cower in your classroom with the lights off calling 911, and waiting for help. Oh … that’s right. We can’t ask them, because they’re DEAD! Sheep get slaughtered. Wolves fight. Funny how the biggest advocates of gun free zones, have their own armed security details 24/7 … Right, Hickenlooper and Bloomberg?

  • Jim

    Notice that the gunman stopped his rampage and took his own life when the School Resource Police Officer showed up. When are we going to learn, that not having trained administrators, staff or cops in the school armed, these killers will continue to kill in “gun free zones.” It is simple logic.

  • Charles Hurst Author of The Second Fall

    This one is directed to the almighty Progressive intellect who will
    now rant about more gun control need

    The fact is why were these incidents not prevalent thirty years ago
    in gun ridden areas such as southern Indiana when I was growing up? And
    the fact is we were a much more moral society back then. Morality, the
    word that evokes the snarl from the enlightened Progressive. You don’t
    wish to hear about moral breakdown. You state the world has always been
    this way. Possibly–the world but not this country.

    Divorce wasn’t rampant thirty years ago. Today it is. Children were taught
    responsibility for actions thirty years ago. Now you, state they have a
    disorder, fill them with meds and tell them nothing is their fault.
    Sloth wasn’t prevalent thirty years ago. Now children are already obese,
    waddling between their X-box and internet.

    You have accepted all and condemned nothing in this country. The Nietzsche platform of moral relativism. You created the poison and now you are being forced to
    swallow it. Working out well, isn’t it, Generation X? Your children.The
    end result of monsters that you created. I’ve predicted our collapse in
    fiction and non fiction. And I don’t have to prove my point. Newtown
    and CO are proving it for me.

    I look forward to the snarls from the morally bankrupt.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    • Zarus

      Based on what I read of your comment, I take it you have read the bible, the prophecy God in his mercy provided us of these times? Charles, I am one who belongs to none, an oddity, not a church goer, yet always has God been at my side, still , I have lived much, seen much, so much , only those very few who are close to me, believe what I have lived. I saw a comment earlier , about the wolves and the sheep. I have been called by God, me one of his most unworthy, a horrible sinner, one who has seen the very worst of humanity, one who does not measure up to the decent, yet, neither do i measure up to the evil. What am I Charles? A wolf? A sheep? I don’t know. I will not stand by while the wolf kills the sheep , neither do I excuse the sheep for their stupidity, what am I Charles, to what realm do I belong? Do I belong to none? My compassion is deep, yet, I cannot and do not excuse the pathetic for their wicked behavior , nor do I buy into the well meaning , but, foolish Christian, who thinks they should accept, embrace , those who are good and those who are evil. So, how do i fit in? Me, who defends the innocent using any and all means necessary to protect their lives, despises those who are evil, disdains Christians for their foolish embracing of those who are evil in an attempt to save a soul not born of God but of hell or foolishly following satan and ignoring God’s warnings, his laws, because a man impressed them more, a man convinced them that God was wrong, a man convinced them to ignore the bible, despite it’s warnings , to follow his false words, to worship him, to throw aside the bible and accept his book instead of God’s. Where do I fit into all of this and those like me? Who are we? Our personal knowledge of God’s existence cannot be swayed, destroyed, yet , we don’t fit in with those who profess to be Christian’s, we fight, we will not allow the wicked to harm others , nor do we feel compassion for these hell spawn, we also do not fit in with the hell spawn, those whom we defend others from, we fit in with none. We are alone, why? Why are we neither good nor evil?

    • Zarus

      I understand none of it Mark, as a nation , as a people, as individuals, life has not improved, quite the contrary, violence is rampant, productivity declines, fear is fostered, truth no longer exists, slow and painful death is worshiped, defended, innocence destroyed as quickly as possible, good is held in contempt, persecuted, responsibility is condemned, violence excused even commended, hate propagated, suffering of others reveled in, love hated. All that was , is gone. Why Mark? Why are there large pockets of humanity in this nation left who seek to divorce themselves from horror while others seek to insure we cannot escape their nightmare , their destruction? Where did these evil beings come from? Why do these monsters have control over an entire nation of people when they are the minority? Lib = evil. I am not or was not a church goes, now, I believe the beast rules, those who are evil, dangerous , a minority, are succeeding in their goal to pervert the young, destroy all that is good, confuse the decent. I don’t see how this is possible, how these few from hell , these few who feed from perversion, destruction, suffering and death are now in control. They are not the majority, their numbers are few compared to those of us who turn our backs on evil. Those who call themselves libs, they are of the beast, they are in reality far weaker in numbers then those who value life, truth, liberty , justice , freedom,far fewer than those who have morals, ethics, values. No I don’t understand how it is these few now destroy a nation , a nation still primarily populated by a people who are decent, good, not perfect by any means, but, without a doubt , strive for good, strive to deny evil. How did the evil, the wicked, the few , take down a nation of millions who disdain them, who see the truth of their evil, their destruction , the death they feed from? How Mark, did that happen? Deceit, that’s how. Elections are an illusion, those who are naive or pure of heart, cannot come to terms with this, it’s beyond what they can understand, beyond what they can believe, thus, the few have taken over and control an entire nation ,a nation of people who see the truth, but, not being united , not knowing that the majority did not vote the modern day vampires into power, in their confusion of right vs wrong, they question themselves, are at war within themselves, seek to remain decent and good in a world of evil and perversion. No, I don’t see why many small pockets, which equate to the majority , fight as a few, when they are many. We need to come together, we need to accept the truth, evil reigns, the evil are few , we are many, United we stand, divided we fall. I now believe those words were , that msg, was God’s msg to us. We as a people, need to throw off the yoke of tyranny, we the people , we consist of all colors, all backgrounds, all of us are flawed, yet even the most flawed of us knows the truth , evil now reigns and these hell spawn are but a few, the majority out number the evil. These few , this evil, manipulate, create hate, division, insuring that we the people do not rise up as a single unified power, a tidal wave of such force that only God could defeat. United we stand , divided we fall, a guidance provided this nation by God, no doubt in my mind. I , who am not worthy to wash the feet of those humans who have been loyal, I who have not honored God, I who did not attend church, I who disdained those who did, I say, now, those words , “United we stand, divided we fall”, came from God, me, the least unworthy of his children.

  • Zarus

    One last comment, I who am less then those who have worked hard to be decent, loving , caring, giving, truthful, I have seen the reality of evil, I know the truth of corruption, I know the truth of evil, I have lived and seen what too many in this nation have not, I know the truth of evil , I know the truth of those who are corrupt, I know to what levels they will stoop to achieve what they want, you have , I assume, no idea , how low evil will stoop, it’s one goal is simple, obtain what it wants , thru any and all means. Most in this nation cannot believe this, because, they aren’t capable of such evil, cannot conceive of any being this evil, they cannot because their hearts, their souls, are good, not only do I apply this to Christians but atheists as well, I apply this to all of those who are decent, all who have compassion, all who are human. I would suggest that all of you who are such decent people, start embracing those of us who do not measure up to your goodness, I would suggest, you hear us, we are not evil, but, our paths put us in positions of power within the ranks of the evil.
    We know the truth, our hearts are hardened by these truths, we know the reality of evil while the majority who are decent do not, they do not because they are incapable of such evil, thus , in their minds, their heats, it simply cannot exist.

    • Charles Hurst Author of The Second Fall

      Zarus –it’s not a few–it becomes more and more every year. I started my fiction in 2005–the insanity has grown exponentially since then. And that is what it is–insanity.The tale of prophecy is literally coming true. It had too—I based my work on history–and history has this nasty habit of repeating itself

      Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • Roy

    I blame action revenge movies and a culture that puts it’s hope and faith in big and wasteful govt.Why do so many people resort to suicide ? Why do little children read Romeo and Juliet ? Something goes wrong and you feel a need to kill ? This is not another case of gun violence , rather another sick episode in our culture of death If people can choose to kill unborn and totally innocent babies where does it end? Even if you took away all the guns melted them down and turned them into spoon the killers would use sticks and stones.wake up and stop being misled by socialists and lawyers!

  • Roy

    Why don’t we ever hear about all the people who are saved by guns ? Why do liberals always claim the only way to solve our problems is by taking something away from us? Why are you all so willing to give up your God,guns,wealth and freedoms to a govt that just gave 8 billion dollars to the terrorist state of Iran and then turns around and tells it’s own citizens that it can’t afford to send you a check even when they owe you money.Goes SurIname care working does that give you that hope and change you were sugaring for? Real hope and positive change can only come from Above and within.stop playing the blame Game and spreading your filthy guilt.

  • fast45

    I agree with most of what you’re saying, Roy. Giving money to countries like Pakistan and Iran should be grounds for treason … remember who is the incumbent during the next couple elections and vote them out, regardless of party affiliation. Yes, our government trends ever more towards taking away freedoms, money, and guns. However, I don’t see how irrational beliefs and superstitions regarding imaginary-friends-in-the-sky will garner positive change. Facts and higher learning, not beliefs, will propel us forward. “Beliefs” usually promote arguments.

    • Roy

      Being endowed by our Creator means everything if you take God out of everything then men and women will rationalize our freedoms away .Either we base our laws on the unselfish life and freedom values of God or we will succumb to the selfish dictates of liars and fools. This country is being destroyed by people who would rather play God than praise God .We must all realize that we were born here to do good not evil.Be a lover and protector of all people including ourselves and never a hater or predator of anyone.I understand you may be a Libertarian and think everything you want to do should be legal,but without rules and the enforcement of some rule we will slide into chaos and then who will the left wing lawyers blame? 0

  • SJ

    The teacher left to draw the shooter away my back side. She ran cause she was scared. Nothing against her for that, but don’t try telling me she was running to have the shooter follow. She was running to save her own hide. Don’t try making her actions something they are not.

    As for the shooter, I am glad he is gone. Means we don’t have to deal with the courts or pay to house him.

    Stop focusing on the shooter. He isn’t the important one. The kids are the important ones. I don’t care about the shooters home life, I don’t care about his friends or social interactions. He was obviously off his rocker. Lets focus on the security guard who finally confronted him and the kids who need some assistance.

    • Roy

      Yes my lover of the truth you are right and we should be grateful that he was locked and loaded rather than disarmed and more people dead .Murdered by a sick and selfish ,lost and broken soul.Some where in a much better reality where children are taught to value life by real teachers and parents the title of the movie would be Romeo must live and Shakespeare would write encouraging wonderful stories and not tragedies that promote thoughts of suicide and despair Do you even know where you kids are and what the schools have them reading now??????

  • Roy

    Just because you are non believer that doesn’t mean you can’t under stand where our goodness and freedom comes from do you think that taking the ten commandments off the walls has made us Freeer and safer .How about the destruction of the family and leaders who only tolerate those who agree with them and use the force and might of our own govt.to punish those who disaree and the liars and thieves claim they have our best interest at heart=in what world disorder do they exist?
    Punish,demonize the best and we are doomed to the worst.wakeup and demand your freedom ,stop the victimhood pimps and learn to be grateful not Hateful.

    And Pray

  • fast45

    Okay Roy … so you have an imaginary friend. All of your passionate, heartfelt belief cannot produce a shred of proof, that your friend is real and everybody else has a fake one. Pour out your feelings to us … but there is a reason why most scientists with graduate degrees are atheists. Once upon a time, I absolutely knew in my heart, that Santa and the Easter Bunny were real too.

  • Roy

    Most atheist become scientist and get paid to tell lies to make a buck just because the Easter bunny doesn’t exist doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist it simply means that you don’t believe in anything real.When it gets hot the scientists call it global warming and when it gets cold they call it climate change and if they couldn’t blame it on man and or admit that they Haven’t a clue then they wouldn’t get anymore money to try and take more money and freedom from us .Once again your left wing scientists ,lawyers socialists and lost souls still can’t explain this life that we’ve been given or expect me to believe that we came from Burlingame that there is no greater power or authority than thrive educated and brainwashed scientist that you seem to worship and serve Jesus said “They shall know the truth and the truth shall set them free” What do you think happens when all we get are lies = inanimate and death!!!!

  • Roy

    What I meant to say was that when all you get are lies you end up with obamacare and more death worthless hope and change that results in more self destruction and more despair.

  • Fast45

    Your posts clearly speak for you, Roy, and read like somebody with zero scientific knowledge, but much passion. Learn more about the world around you, and you won’t need to believe fantasies so much. Life is less of a mystery when you actually know something about it.

    Mass shootings would end differently if trained, armed citizens were allowed to stop murderers. Instead, the laws say we should allow only the lawbreakers to carry weapons into our schools. Restrictive gun laws are responsible for 1,000’s of deaths annually … Thank you, Gov. Hickenlooper and friends. The blood of present and future victims is on your hands.

    • Roy

      Nobody was trying to make anybody feel bad I was simply you would realize why the U.S. Constitution begins with “We are endowed by our creator” It was so no person no matter how high and mighty they may seem.So before you go back to debating who to blame and who to punish you should thank God you were born in a free country and stop worshipping at the alter of Big,TYRANNICAL govt.no hate just truth and hoping you will help preserve our God given freedoms if not for a religious belief than a belief in real freedom and not to be lectured by people who take our money and use it to murder UN born and partially unborn babies how dare they lecture us on any thing concerning life learn to value all life or ……

    • Roy

      All the scientific knowledge in the world won’t save you .But they are being payed to enslave you.If you give me a billion dollars I might even believe in and sign up for obamacare just one problem IM not for sale and neither is my freedom so let’s just join in disagreement over science and religion and stand up for freedom. Amen.

  • Roy

    There is no such thing as gun violence this is a slick democrat talking point designed to shift the blame and give self serving lawyers someone to sue.It’s just as selfish and disingenuous as when they say that your poor health choices cost us all more like living forever on the govt dole were cheap.It’s just another excuse to take our money and freedom I believe the philosophy is called social justice which really means peoplewho are bitter and envious get to decide who to reward and who to punish the true hate crime is the victimhood mentality .Helen keller said “self pity is our own worst enemy and if we give in to it we all do nothing wise in this world “in other words stop putting your hope in the hopeless.

  • Roy

    This is the price of freedom God gave us free will because he loves us some people choose to take it away because they hate us and want to lord over and control us.God doesn’t corrupt people satan and other corrupted people do that’ll too well.There is something missing in the heart and soul of anyone who takes the life of the innocent .I can still remember telling someone after Columbine ,you would think at least one of these guys would realize that they had a terrible idea and that they should not go through with there sick and selfish plan just like we should stop murdering the unborn.

  • Rin Tinfoil

    Why aren’t authorities cavity searching all students at every entrance and exit? Who knows what they are carrying in and out that’s making them so crazed?? And BTW, what were the political beliefs of the ‘judges’ that gave this gunchild a poor score, and defeated his self-confidence? Futhermore; why do these shooting happen in white suburbia Colorado? Seems like a pattern, as if the cell phone towers are frying their brains with evil thoughts? Random is one thing, but excessive pattern is proof! End the frequencies! Save the children from these radioactive microwaves!

  • John C

    The armed security guard is the reason this incident was worse. Thank God he was there! Yet still you have these crying whining left wing wimps who say they don’t want someone armed in the school with their children. When there is a good guy in the school, armed it protects the children, like it did in this incident, without that armed guard it would have been much, much worse. It is amazing, the more liberal Colorado has become, the more incidents like this happen. They say liberalism is a mental disorder and that this killer was a raving left wing socialist, who was very pro gun control. Put them altogether and he, like is fellow traveler in Newton Connecticut and this is what you get.

  • h_ Wolgers

    Or why not give our Children the gift of reasoning. When a problem occurs teach them not that a gun is a solution, give them other tools.

    • Roy

      It is easy to say what we could do , liberals are famous for that. The truth is we can’t change the fact that some people choose to do evil . It is a sick and selfish decision based on some need to take away what others have it could be your life your healthcare or your money ect. Unfortunately these destructive behaviors are being fueled by liberal and progressive dogma.Misery loves company and the tools our children are being given are anger , bitterness and envy.maybe instead of trying to transform America and save the planet we should take an honest look in the mirror .Remember those adds that used to say a mind is a terrible thing to waste, well unfortunately they taught alot of those minds to hate.Hate is the greatest sponsor of ignorance and mayhem when we give in to it we become our own worst enemy.

  • h_ Wolgers

    By the look of your own comments… I see anger, condemnation, hate and wishes of more violence – and you do not get why kids in America is taking up arms, shooting? Where is the compassion, forgivness, reconciliation? Is it not time we took notice, learn and wish to do better for the future for ALL our Children?

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