Police: Mile High triple stabbing started after parking dispute

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DENVER -- Denver police released the name of a suspect they arrested after a fight in a parking lot of Sports Authority Filed at Mile High that led to three people being stabbed following the Broncos/Chargers game Thursday night.

In a tweet police said that Justin Manzanares, 29, was being held on a charge of aggravated assault.

The fight started around 9:55 in parking lot F on the south side of the stadium shortly after the Broncos suffered a disappointing 27-20 loss to the San Diego Chargers.

"It doesn't appear this was related to the outcome of the game," said Sgt. Steve Warneke in a video news release.  "It appears this stemmed from a traffic altercation in which the suspects were backing out of a parking space and nearly stuck the victims vehicle."

Responding officers detained three people and after questioning released two.

The three people who were stabbed were not seriously injured, Warneke said.

Police said the incident was not related to any gang activity.

This is the second act of violence following a Broncos game.  A man died after a fight involving a car break-in outside Arrowhead stadium in Kansas City following the game there on Dec. 1.



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  • Mike

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  • The Tee People

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  • eddie

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  • GetSum03

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  • Raybo

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  • Tracy

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