Sandy Hook victim’s mother shares emotional message: ‘Evil did not win’

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The mother of Emilie Parker, a 6-year-old who died in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last year, created a tribute video that has gone viral on the Internet.

The video is called “Evil Did Not Win.”

The focus of the video is on the outpouring of support the former Ogden family has received over the past year. The Parker family says this support has allowed them to work through their tears and accomplish things they believe Emilie would have wanted.

The anniversary for the shooting is Dec. 14. Connecticut’s governor is calling for houses of worship to mark the first anniversary of the Newtown school shooting by ringing their bells 26 times once for each of the victims killed.



  • shara

    Brought tears to my eyes…..the strength of this mother is truly remarkable I could not imagine losing one of my children. Its inspiring how one little girl had such a big heart and her legacy lives on because her parents chose not to let the evil win.

  • Wigger Pickle

    I doubt this mother even realizes the real cause of this tragedy: VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES! Sandy Hook, the Batman massacre, Columbine, and on and on… how many more lives will violent video games take before we, as a society take action and BAN THEM!

  • Lisa Beatty

    You are delusional to think that video games was the cause.. This was a kid that had mental illness and a mother that despite that decided to keep guns NOT locked up in her home where he could access them.

    I play violent video games i dont go on shooting rampages. The only lives video games take are the imaginary ones inside the games.

  • Stephen Hooper

    Bless your entire family this holiday season. Your daughter had such a huge heart and she clearly got that from having two loving parents. This video is truly inspiring. Much love to you and your family and I was always keep her in my thoughts and prayers

  • Michele Hayes

    God bless your beautiful angel and your amazing family. Your strength is admired. Your daughter was a beautiful soul.

  • Dawn

    That was an absolute beautiful tribute for a beautiful little girl, as I sit here crying after watching it, all that crosses my mind is how can anybody be so cruel and walk into a school and open fire!! I pray for you all, this holiday season and I will hold my kids alittle bet closer. She is your guardian angel now!! God Bless each and every one of you!

  • Mary Carter

    Such a beautiful tribute to an enduring love and a child who showed us how to love, even in her young heart. I don’t know how a family can go on but you have managed to do it and with great endurance. Wishing you a happy Christmas and a 2014 that will heal your heart and soul.

  • Carter123

    Glad to see that you did not let evil win…God has a plan…and the day Emilie went to heaven…God just simply needed another angel and she was the perfect fit…God bless you!

  • yvonne

    I cherish my children everyday. You just made me look at the world through new eyes and I will cherish this now too forever.
    God Bless you and your family for overcoming and standing in the strength of the Lord. Evil did not win .

  • Mt

    This is so very touching. I have no perfect words to write, I just will pray that you can keep this strength in the coming days to help ease your pain. My daughter is the same age as your Emilie and she is Emily, she too loves mornings, dressing up, art etc.. Your Emilie’s love and spirit will continue to unfold before your eyes. I just know…God loves you all so very much. You have faith!! May God watch over you in these coming days and bless you richly. My heart aches for your pain, what a wonderful tribute to your daughter, she is beautiful.

  • Anne

    This message is a response to Lisa Beatty’s reply to another concerned person’s message. Maybe you are a strong person and those violent games do not affect you. But unfortunately, there are plenty of emotionally and mentally unstable people in this world who might not have that incredible strength that you possess and unfortunately the store clerks cannot scan the people who purchase these games to know how each individual might be effected by the needless violent and sometimes obscene contents of such games. Do we really need that violence to entertain ourselves, do we not possess enough abilities to find other more positive ways to spend our leisure times? And no one has the right to judge the mother of the person who committed that horrendous crime. Maybe she was being abused by her child, maybe she simply did the best she could and her child still grew up with issues, maybe she just forgot to lock up the gun that day, maybe she was not allowed to touch the gun, maybe there were never any bullets in the house and somebody else gave them to him, maybe the shooter was being bullied and he was threatened by someone and ordered to do it and just lost his sanity that day, maybe, maybe, maybe! There could be so many reasons, but none of us will ever really know, will we? Because we were not there inside that person’s head, were we. What it all boils down to is, it is very, very sad that those people, especially children, so young, had to die that day. So why should we not do everything that we possibly can so that maybe it won’t happen again. The good Lord died on a cross to save us, would it really be so much to ask to just stop spreading violence so that no more little angels have to die so violently and no more families have to suffer the loss of a loved one, especially one that didn’t even get a chance to live through her childhood! How would you feel if it was your child?

  • Elizabeth McNeil

    All I can say is that you are awesome to be able to find some goodness in all that tragedy. God bless you and your family.


    Your daughter is goodness and she is within us. Thank you for sharing her humanity. She is reminder of our goodness and it’s power.

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