Alleged burglar accused of slipping into home through pet door

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HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. -- A woman arrested for burglary last month allegedly crawled into a home through a pet door, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said.

Mackenzie Mavis, 20, was arrested on Nov. 29 after a Highlands Ranch homeowner allegedly caught her burglarizing the home and then chased her down on foot, police said. Police believe Mavis slipped into the home via a pet door.

Mavis stands charged with burglary, crimes against an at-risk adult and other crimes.

Mavis may have used the tactic on as many as a dozen other victims, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said. Anyone who believes they may have been burglarized was asked to make a report by calling 303-660-7500.



  • itslisaw

    PATHETIC that someone turns to crime just because they can’t get off their LAZY ARSE to support their DRUG HABIT. They would rather steal from Hard Working, Law Abiding People. Get Off Meth or Get a JOB!!!

  • Rust

    Y is all I have to say yes she is wrong for doing this
    But Y do you people have to jump to oh it was meth
    Or it’s a gun or anything like that . That is what’s wrong with
    World we would rather point the finger at something else than
    Finding out what really happen

  • cosetta

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  • Me

    I’ve got to say she’s lucky. If the dog door is large enough for her to fit through its because they have a dog large enough to kill her. I have one dog that would kiss her to pieces and another that would have attacked. No matter the motive for her behavior, she needs help before such a thing happens.

  • Wigger Pickle

    Young women can’t commit crimes because they are angels. Arrest the male homeowner for trapping this poor, innocent girl in a dog door. If the homeowner is a woman, there is a man somewhere who made this door trap that trapped her. Males must be responsible! Its obvious!

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