Ice jam creates flooding in Golden

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The Clear Creek RV park in Golden looks like most of Colorado in the winter, blanketed in snow and ice. But those who live here say it's turning into a flood zone.

"It was negative two last night when there was running water," said Ian McCay, who parked his trailer at the park.

Even with below zero temperatures McCay said he watched water come up from the snow-packed creek and straight into the RV park.

"It was almost like a flash flood, but it would freeze. So it would raise and then freeze. You could hear it. That was the creepiest thing about it, it would start popping and all of sudden you would hear running water," McCay said.

It all happened so quickly that some of the RVs became frozen to the ground after being covered in several inches of ice.

"Everybody on this row was outside their trailers helping each other trying to figure out what to do," said McCay.

Adam Duncan said his RV wasn't stuck, but he decided to pack-up his family anyway because police told him conditions may only get worse in the area.

"They came and kinda knocked on the door and let us know it was rising a little higher than we wanted," said  Adam Duncan, who parked his trailer at Clear Creek RV Park.

Which is why Duncan and others rolled out to higher ground.

Duncan hopes the rising water is only temporary and that he can come back to the place he and his family call home.

"We'll see what happens there is supposed to be some warmer weather this next week and hopefully some of this will melt off and we can get back in here," said Duncan.

Golden Fire officials have closed off the trail that runs alongside the creek and they are also monitoring several city buildings and checking for flood damage.


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