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Make your car ready for winter

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(Photo: Dave Harpe)

DENVER — Well we cheated winter as long as we could here on the Front Range.

It’s Dec. 3 and just now are we getting the below zero temperatures. Not bad at all.

Alas the weather is on the way and if you haven’t had your car winterized yet, there are some things you can do tonight to make it ready.

“Make sure your oil, anti-freeze and tires are ready for the cold,” said Gary Heber at the Kearney Garage. “This weather plays hell with hoses and belts as well, if you have leaks the cold makes then even weaker.”

For folks who have ever had pipes freeze up they can tell you the problems they can cause.

“When the pipes freeze you will know as your water stops flowing,” said West Tech plumber, Errol Vermont. “Some tips to keep the water from freezing, let the cold water drip just a bit or put a small shop light bulb under the sink with the doors open on the cabinet… that little bit of heat will keep pipes warm.”