Christian Bale explains his decision to visit Aurora theater memorial, victims

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LOS ANGELES -- In his new film “Out of the Furnace,” Christian Bale plays a soft-spoken, unlikely hero. And in the opinion of many Coloradans, it's a role he played in real life when he came to our state in the wake of the Aurora theater tragedy.

Without fanfare or publicity, Christian Bale arrived at the crosses at the makeshift memorial not because he had to, but because he wanted to. Bale made efforts to deliberately stay out of the spotlight as if to signal that his trip wasn't about attracting attention, but about paying respects and doing what he could to aid in the healing process.

On that same day, Bale went to nearby hospitals, meeting with survivors of the shooting and medical staff. He made an attempt to raise spirits and share in the pain of a grieving community. And he was very private about that trip until now.

In an interview with our Chris Parente, which can be seen in its entirety above, Bale explained why he felt compelled to come to Aurora.

“It was highly important to me, because I couldn't help but feel a personal connection when that happened,” Bale said. “It just felt essential for my own sanity. It just felt essential to do that.”


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